last day of migraine awareness month, olympics TM, and whither now for our blogs?

Migraine Awareness Month #30: Blogger’s Pick. Choose your favorite blog from any of this month’s prompts from someone else’s blog to share with us and tell us why it’s your favorite.

i liked this post from the pained brain. it’s about ‘big fears’. she talks about the next big migraine and also about letting people down. who among us can’t relate to those hell realms?


since this is our last day of migraine awareness month i thought i’d sign off with this;

i have been very lucky to have found myself on effexor – quite by accident on the migraine front, since it was prescribed to manage my unsurprisingly tricky mood situation. on the wikipedia page it says that effexor can either make migraines worse or better. for once in my life i was on the winning side. i went from having to take triptans nearly every day to being able to have several days in a row without them. just as long as the weather didn’t mess me around, nothing happened and all other things were equal. 

now that i have this little bit of elbow room i am considering this thorny issue – and do weigh in with your opinions. is chronic migraine a disease which needs all the drugs and whatnot to manage OR is it really because of medication overuse? if i put myself through the next few migraines without medication will i end up suicidal or will i start to break free of needing triptans?

this graphic suggests that chronic migraine is because of medication overuse. IF so, and that is a big “if”, is it reversible? OR is this just another stick to beat ourselves with, and possibly quite a dangerous idea, causing needless withdrawl pain and perhaps unmanageable mood issues and possibly a lack of self care prompting even more migraines?

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


here on the tottenham riviera, on the banks of the lea, we await the olympics with an expectation of some restrictions, some extra noise, and absolutely no intention of using public transport if at all possible for several weeks.

i have also been following the protests. this has become the most policed, most corporate event, it’s ridiculous. seriously, LITERALLY the army have been called in. there will be rocket launchers on council flat roofs. and i think the protests will rival the G8 protests, but that remains to be seen. certainly, people are already being harassed for doing such nefarious things as carrying a camera in the local boroughs.

mau mau


so, what are we all doing about blogging from tomorrow onwards? i have noticed that quite a lot of people have set up blogs just to cover migraine awareness month. will you all be disappearing now? or have you caught the blogging bug? my strategy over this month has been to blog (nearly) every day, and to provide two other topics as well as covering the group’s prompts. this means that i have posted on 14 topics a week apart from migraine. were i to carry on like this i think i would find three topics hard, but not if i didn’t do it every day. blogging legend has it that it is a good idea to pick certain days to post, since then your readers look forward to reading on that day or days.

i also have my DAILY WAFFLE blogging to consider. i agreed to provide a column just before migraine month kicked off, and soon realized i’d never manage it this month, so i am looking forward to doing that, and will have to consider how to weave that into my week, too. since i am a chronic migraineur and don’t have much going on in my life i am rather amazed that i find so much to write about. so, thanks everyone for the great reads this month. it’s been lovely to meet new friends and read about how everyone manages.



6 thoughts on “last day of migraine awareness month, olympics TM, and whither now for our blogs?

  1. That’s an awesome graphic, Elaine! As for your question, I can only answer based on my experiences. I’ve gone off drugs three separate times to satisfy three different neurologists who were certain rebound was the sole cause of my chronic migraines. I wonder if that were really the case, then how did they start being chronic long before there were triptans, and I wasn’t on pain meds? The migraines keep coming like ants in a parade no matter what I do or don’t do. But, we’re all different, so who knows? Glad to have met you through this blog challenge my dear friend 🙂

    1. and i, you!

      yeah, i am swithering about it. i have tried before. i think that my fibro trips off migraines quite a lot, and i think that comes from my osteoarthritis, causing referred pain up my back and neck. maybe.

      my other option is to try to muscle up a bit. i am swithering about rowing lessons which start soon and just waiting til the new gym opens – i know that in the winter whatever i do it has to be handy.

      thanks for weighing in on this – it helps me think around the issues.

  2. I am aware of the difficulty that comes with trying to write often. I think you have done a superior job of it and I hope you continue to write as much as possible.
    I have really enjoyed this series and I learned a lot.

    1. wow! thanks!

      i have found it surprisingly do-able. amy’s suggestion that i blog three topics for daily waffle before i started stuck in my mind, and that was really useful. having a first topic as a given gave ballast to the other two.

      i doubt i could do three a day forever, but i do like the format. but i do think i will try to stick to certain days.

      that’s the plan, anyway!

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