my friends, news on cats, and a WTF moment on twitter

Migraine Awareness Month #27: “In my Head and Heart.” Who inspires you to keep trying and not give up, despite your Migraines?

ten and poppet, of course. also, all my friends, both IRL and on the internet.

having been a migraineur for – oof, it’s got to be a decade – i have pretty well whittled down my real life friends to people who “get” me. or they whittled me down. in any case i have quite a few very old very good friends, and i have new friends who never knew me any other way, so they tend to be super easy since they don’t expect me to go shopping or hiking or anything.

and i really like those little daily connections i have with people when i walk the popster.

also, though, my virtual friends are super precious. keeping me going day by day with little interactions via the twitter or facebook or BY COMMENTING HERE – YES! DOOO ITTTT !!!!! I LIKE ITTTTT !!!!!!

so, yes. team effort. go team!

ten’s camera shy, but look at the poppet. wouldn’t this little bobbin keep anyone going?

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


you may remember i asked for help rehoming these two cats?

well, on my birthday i thought to ask my friend emma if she would take one. she had to give up her cat because he brought rats onto her bed, and she’s not really able to make her own bed, so stripping it and doing a wash was an epic challenge too far for the frequency of “gifts”. she missed kitty company though, and it so happened she was already thinking of getting another cat. she chose to take on pearl, the black one. pearl’s a quiet indoorsy girl, so perhaps a better fit.

hannah has had a trip to the vet’s recently, and, sadly, has only been given a few months to live. despite her kittenish demeanor she is quite old, and it seems she’s not terribly well. the reason they had been looking for new homes was that their owner was moving in with her elderly mother, and it was thought that the cats could be quite dangerous underfoot. but given the situation, keeping hannah seems to be for the best. you can keep an eye open for one cat fairly easily, and it would be a shame to try to rehome her now.

so, mixture of good news and bad, but neither cat is being put down, so a result, i’d say. and also probably better than trying either of them with poppet. i’d love pops to have a little kitty friend, but i think the best chance of NO SAVAGING would be with a kitten. she has a mothering instinct which might just override her prey instinct.


since i am not feeling terribly glamorous and i can’t be bothered doing anything about it, you will have to take my word for it i got my new specs. so then i thought, well i have to find something else to blog about to round off this post.

between facebook, tumblr, and twitter, there’s usually some little gem to share. this one is more of a WTF than a gem, though.

ah! life in the UK. such fun.


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