what i think you think it’s like being me, lace fence, and more workfare shenanigans

Migraine Awareness Month#26: “From the Outside Looking In.” Write about what you think your family, friends an others think a day in life, a day with Migraine disease, is like.

it’s a sliding scale, i think. but after a decade of not even being able to work i think most of my friends that are left pretty much get it. a lot of the time when people suggest i do things that are out of the question for some reason or other it is less because they don’t get that i don’t have the energy or that the activity is full of triggers or whatever, and way more that they find it as hard as i do to think that this is forever. i mean, most people’s ailments have the good grace to come along, get worse, get better and go away. mine don’t. and i don’t even get worse and die! i just go on and on without the sort of quality of life they would like for me.

it may help that i blog. because that’s a fair indicator of what i can and can’t do. although i tend not to bang on about it, so it’s more of a question of omission. and people are not psychic, if i don’t tell them they can’t know.

but there’s another thing. i actually don’t really like to admit i can’t do something or i am really suffering, because i want to keep the friends i have, and i don’t want to bum them out, so i keep it brief. just as i work on acceptance – not wallowing and trying to resist denial – it is up to me to point people in the right direction about what is going on for me. all this, without wanting to be defined by my illness. not an easy job. for any of us.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.”


check this out! isn’t it lovely?

Joep Verhoeven


this is good. she’s suing the govt for taking her away from her voluntary work in a museum which really could have got her work, to make her work for free in poundland.

it’s good because if she wins it will create precedent, which is how UK law works. the workfare thing here is punitive and contrary. we need to get test cases to court. if it fails she should take it to european court. my feeling is, right now, that we need external bodies to intercede on our behalf. if our own courts won’t do it then we do have recourse to european law.

we certainly can’t expect our government to protect us from the crisis that bankers have got us in to. maybe i should write to the queen?


2 thoughts on “what i think you think it’s like being me, lace fence, and more workfare shenanigans

    1. i think that suing is an excellent move. when i was at college we had a regime change at the top, and it was suddenly decided during the summer holidays that there would be no new intake for fine art and the course would be terminated.
      what they didn’t bank on was that a lot of us didn’t go anywhere in the summer and that we were quite used to being politically active. one of the tutors told us what was going on and we got access to all the addresses of the people who had been offered places for the coming year. we drafted a letter encouraging them to sue for breach of contract, and ONE student started proceedings. this was enough for the college to do an about face and the course is still running to this day.

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