wishes, birthday news, and heartfelt thanks

Migraine Awareness Month #24:  “Dear Genie.” Put together a wish list for your life. 

okay, this is going to have to be quick. it’s my birthday TODAY and i slept late and we have people coming soooooon. yes, yes, i know i should have done this in advance. darling, we know about this.

i probably wish the same sorts of things as any chronic migraineur. i wish i could travel without fear, i wish i could work, i wish i didn’t have to consider my labyrinthine needs every which way. and most of all i wish the migraines would just GO AWAY.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.”


yes! i am FIFTY this very day. fifty whole years old. incredible. weird. surreal. of all the round numbers i think only 100 could be more mindblowing. people make a fuss out of forty, but let me tell you, fifty is HALF A DAMN CENTURY! i am literally made of history. ask me anything. i am now officially an ORACLE.

mind you, i don’t claim to be any more mature as such. for instance, i picked at something on my body and am now running with blood. it seems that i have never learned to leave these kinds of things alone.

must dash, got people ARRIVING in a couple of hours and i am sat here before my bath POSTING NAKED to you.

Heartfelt thanks for reading.

normal services resumed soon. x


16 thoughts on “wishes, birthday news, and heartfelt thanks

  1. Happy happy HAPPY! I hope your day is fantastic! You deserve a day of excellence. Everyone’s birthday should be perfection. We only get one a year. They should always go just right. So say I.

    1. i’m having a bit of a lie down! party in full swing next door, so i am having a bit of a rest in the bedroom. i can hear people talking to each other, which is lovely.

    1. thank you!

      i pulled it off! having people here was a good idea. i had a lie down during the party and also managed myself well over the couple of days of preparation.

    1. ooh! really? i think i can cope with being the new 30!

      thanks, love. it’s been great meeting you. i didn’t know what to expect from migraine month, but it’s rather wonderful, isn’t it?

  2. oooohhhh, where d’ya get that lovely heart from,is it wool? hope poppet wont think it a yummy morsel!

    1. oh, it’s not MINE! i just found the picture on tumblr and thought it suitable for the post. i think it’s felt. just click through the name, i think it takes you to the maker’s etsy page.

      glad you found the blog, ems. and that you want to take pearl. she’s a lovely girl. very quiet and sweet.

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