plans and spontaneity, birthday navel gaze, and hoxton train

Migraine Awareness Month #22:  “The Game Changer.” Tell us about a time your plans changed due either an unexpected Migraine or an unexpected Migraine-free experience.

i am the sort of migraineur who gets migraines because i made plans. and then on the other hand i am really bad at spontaneity because if i don’t plan things i might forget one of my needed things or i might forget that the crazy spontaneous outing has some sort of fatal flaw that involves a world of pain. so i don’t tend to do either.

on sunday it is my birthday. birthdays have been cancelled before because of migraine. there was one year, some time ago, that my then boyfriend booked a table at a restaurant so fancy that the next day’s news was full of the story that blair and clinton had dined there that night. but not me. i was at home with a migraine.

so. what does one do about the FIFTIETH birthday? well, one does not arrange to go out. one arranges to have friends come by in the afternoon, and if one is pushing one’s luck towards the end of the day they will either have to all leave or else i will have to take myself for a little lie down. this is an entirely plausible thing to do, since everyone knows what a fragile flower i am.

wish me luck! 

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


so, yes! happy birthday to me! T – 2 days. the flat really needs tidying up for visitors and food and things. on the other hand, i seem to be in bed and not exactly getting on with things.

i am looking forward to all the visitors, even though i am also nervous. i’d like us to be able to use the garden but i think it’s going to be rainy on sunday. never mind. i am not entirely sure how many people will come, but i can squash quite a few people into the living room. you’d be surprised.

the other thing is this business of being 50. it just seems surreal, really. on the one hand yeah, whatever, i seem to be this age. on the other, it feels like i fell through some sort of wormhole.


this guy’s work turned up in my tumblr stream. i really like it. the idea of urban watercolours seems very fresh to me. the scenes are familiar, mostly the streets of london if i am correct, and certainly, this image arrests my eyes. both familiar and unfamiliar – the scene very familiar, the medium understated but totally odd in this context. NICE WORK.

 Rob Adams. Hoxton Train.


10 thoughts on “plans and spontaneity, birthday navel gaze, and hoxton train

    1. thank you!

      i am quite nervous about it and looking forward to it too. i will see people who i haven’t seen for a long time, and i will have to keep an eye on my energy levels, but everyone knows what i am like so hopefully all will be well.

  1. What a gorgeous picture! That’s The Gherkin on the left, which always gives me the warm fuzzies when travelling to Cheltenham alone because it’s the landmark that tells me I’m halfway to where I’m going (to family for the weekend, or home to the Tribblemeister).

    We shall be on the road home on Sunday, so here’s wishing you a good one in advance! xxx

  2. Happy almost birthday! I’ll be “celebrating” mine tomorrow (Saturday) with sleeping in or some other such exciting activity.

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