the fear, the fear, fun and games\no more fun and games, and a night out at the open kitchen

Migraine Awareness Month #21:  “Shaking in My Boots.” What’s your biggest Migraine related fear. How do you cope with it? 

oh god. that’s a HORRIBLE question. obviously not having medication with me can get terrifying, especially when i am going to have to travel. but i have been in the situation where i am away, i have triptans, but they just don’t cover it and then i have to travel as well.

to get home and be SAFE becomes a number one priority, but the traveling is horrendous to the power of some high number or other. there was this one time i went on a meditation retreat. you’d think that would be the ideal sortie for the likes of me, but no. i started migraining hard and my medication wasn’t even touching it. it was winter. we had gone on the retreat by public transport and had to travel back on a sunday. in the uk sundays are when they mend the tracks, so half way through the journey back, in the freezing snowy dark we had to get out of the train and get on a bus. i was just… i can’t even tell you how bad it was. it was like some sort of hideous endurance test. i am so glad i wasn’t  alone because i was in a horrible state and it lasted forever.

even so, when i think about the horrible times when medication doesn’t touch the sides and i am driven mad by the knowledge that i have hours and hours to go before there is any chance of a let up, that’s the worst. even though my horrible journey was horrible there is something really frightening about being at home and knowing there is no way of passing the time except to tolerate the pain.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


now! on to cheerier subjects! i made you a tumblr post yesterday, on the theme of fun and games/no more fun and games. here it is.

and here is a pic from the pick.

A Casting From Life, Edouard Dantan, 1887

i did a lot of casting when i was at art school. smothering bits of my body with plaster. one time i forgot to put on the vaseline we used as a release, and the cast took all my hair out with it. FUN AND GAMES!

now, talking of fun and games, i hereby dedicate any and all shenanigans today to AMY who hasn’t got a twitter, so i can’t link to her, but who has got a terribly grown up day ahead of her, and is in need of a fun and games dedication.

on fb Amy wrote: “I have to go to work and be moaned at by people who think I’m not doing my job properly, and today I’m working with a Spanish girl who doesn’t understand 90% of what I’m saying! Do some scampering for me!”

so i will be thinking of her while i scamper around the internet today.

ooh! and this just in – please scamper a bit for danie if you have the time;

Danie wrote: “I’m too busy to scamper today…work and mutt and packing and stuff…could someone have a quick scamper for me, please? (NOT you, Doug! You’ve scampered enough…)”



i even had WINE! just like a real person, although i cheated a bit and asked for a small wine in a big glass and topped up with water.

my friend BJ was in charge of starters

from catwalk to artist’s studio to kitchen, ever the superstar

i had mushrooms with goats cheese and hand made pesto. it was THE MOST DELICIOUS THING. and ten had a chicken satay. he doesn’t like to be in the blog, so you just have to take my word for it he’s real and i didn’t just order two starters. which is what my friend lottie did when she arrived. i am not including the picture with me, rachel, and lottie, because i look crappy in it and it’s MY BLOG. i get to look NICE in it.

on the way home we saw the lapdogs of the 1% playing croquet. croquet, i ask you. i only just signed a petition against fois gras being sold in london restaurants. i signed it in part for the poor goosies who look so miserable, and in part because there is something extremely repulsive about people living like that when most of us are doing without so much. (n.b. we got to eat our fancy food because my friend BJ is nearly finished some cheffy training she is doing, and the college have their own restaurant, with food priced VERY affordably.) for anyone in london here’s a link to the open kitchen. starters £3, main £6, dessert £3.


13 thoughts on “the fear, the fear, fun and games\no more fun and games, and a night out at the open kitchen

  1. Yummy food looks yummy!

    And you look lovely and happy and smiley.

    When do you get your new frames? I collected one of my pairs today. Not only are they epic in their gold-geeky-frameyness because they bring out the gold in my hair and accentuate my blue eyes, but considering I’ve never worn varifocals before I’m coping really well with them!

    D’s still waiting for his Specsaver ones, but his mail order ones thumped through the door this morning, moments after we got home from collecting mine. I got a photo of him wearing them and he looks adorkably nerdy! 🙂

      1. You will see pictures of mine after I’ve washed my hair later, because – as I said – they are epic. I may try to sneak the photo of D on to LJ because it’s just so cute, but he might wring my neck or something!

        Oh, are you up to supporting someone on Twitter? My cousin @kellyknight92 hasn’t been using it very long and she needs friends. All you need to do is tell her I sent you 🙂

  2. Look at you! Hi, you! And YUM, your dinner. I want mushrooms. And chicken satay, whatever that is. “Satay” just SOUNDS delicious, doesn’t it?

    Isn’t going out like a real person the best? I went out like a real person THREE TIMES this week. I am now exhausted, but YAY GOING OUT!

    1. satay involves peanut sauce. i am not a fan, myself, since i believe peanut butter is just prechewed peanuts. but ten likes it.

      my mushrooms were divine.

      1. I love peanut sauce, especially when it’s spicy. Now I REALLY want to try satay. Yum.

        I love all mushrooms, all the time. They are my favorites. There can never be enough mushrooms.

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