doctor doctor, karl marx credit card, and a little music for you (earworm alert!)

Migraine Awareness Month #20:  “Run, Forrest, Run!” Describe the approach you think is best when it’s time to more on to a new doctor.

generally, in the uk, we now have group surgeries more often than not. a little while ago we had a doctor called sutcliffe who got a little bit murdery and it was thought that it would be a good idea to roll out the group practices. this is great news for anyone with complicated or chronic conditions, because it’s pretty hard to change practices, but easy enough to just start seeing another doc within the group. i recently moved house and had to register with a new doctor. as you might imagine, i have had lots of appointments, yet i have actually never met the doc i was registered with. my main criteria was that i should get some continuity of care and that the doc i stuck with should be clever and up to date. i am pretty pleased with the guy i ended up with.

on the other hand, although you get some initial choice when you go fishing for a specialist, once you get an appointment you are rather stuck with that person. the NHS is changing at the moment. we expect to get more superficial choice but ultimately less quality, so it’s probably an idea to get fixed up asap. due to a quirk in circumstances i could stick with the guy i have now, but i am considering not doing – and in this country that means another random card. but better for me, probably, than sticking with the hand i have been dealt.

it’s a tricky question, really, because on the one hand continuity of care is important to me, and on the other hand things can get a little stale. i’d say you have to sit and consider your needs every so often and ask yourself if you are better off sticking or twisting.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”

a german bank has issued a marx credit card. seems apposite for the times, no? a complicated mixed message indeed. although it is a fact that economists as well as sociologists study marx.

if you want to know how money works now you could do worse than watching this video. it’s an hour long so i won’t blame you if you don’t.

also, money is COMPLICATED, yo!


if you don’t want to watch that video you could watch this one. i warn you, though, the reason i am even thinking about it is because @thebustocrookes namechecked it in a tweet. i have had it as an earworm for days now and i can’t shake it.

one of the backup singers is a young kirsty maccoll. poor kirsty. she was amazing. i could never really get with the whole lady di’s death drama, but i was horrified when kirsty maccoll died. also john peel. loved john peel. anyway, here’s some kirsty.


2 thoughts on “doctor doctor, karl marx credit card, and a little music for you (earworm alert!)

  1. “…who got a little bit murdery” haha. Like it. Shipman? Sutcliffe? Same difference… 😉

    Yes, I’ve lost count of the number of GPs I’ve been through just in the last 12 years. All within the same surgery, but owing to their staff turnover and my tendency to fall out with just about all of them, I’ve seen quite a variety. The best one – most attentive, compassionate and sympathetic – was a locum. NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Typical.

    And I think a lot of us suffer from the same earworm in this country – I blame IKEA 🙂

    1. dammit! you’re right. shipman.

      it’s heartbreaking when you catch a GLIMPSE of having a good doctor… then you don’t get to have them. double dammit.

      have ikea got an ad with that then? i don’t have a tv, but nevertheless in my ear it is.

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