fantasy doctor, eric morcambe glasses, and my facebook page

Migraine Awareness Month #19:  “The Match Game.”

Describe your perfect doctor to treat your Migraines.

i have to say, i am very happy. with my regular GP (general practitioner) which helps, but my neurologist… he doesn’t “believe” in fibromyalgia and he doesn’t seem to “believe” in chronic migraine either, and always writes me up as drug dependent which really doesn’t help me. he “believes” that triptans only “take the edge off” migraines and that i should simply stop taking them.*hollow laugh*

as you might imagine, although he is clearly a clever bloke, and probably BRILLIANT to have on your side, he isn’t all that helpful to me. with my chronic migraine and comorbid fibro.

having followed for the past several months i am better informed than i have ever been. my perfect doctor would be at least as up to date as i am, and ideally would be interested in really talking through the finer points of what can be done in my situation. ironically, for someone who has rather damned me with his letters to my GP he is rather a drug pusher and i have had a couple of very strange forays into epileptic and psych drugs which i could have done, not necessarily without completely, but with a LOT more supervision whilst taking. could have saved me quite a lot of difficulty that way.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


turns out i couldn’t get blue glasses i fancied due to apparently having too much of a big fat hulking head. they were too small for me, and my cunning plan of trying the teenage version was obvs no better. so i headed for the men’s section and i got the classic eric morcambe glasses instead.

i can’t show you them on yet, i have to wait til next wednesday to pick them up. in the meantime i wanted to show you morcambe’s classic glasses wiggle but i can’t find it anywhere on youtube, so here’s my fave morcambe and wise sketch instead.


and finally, GUESS WHAT?

i have finally got around to hooching together a facebook page, and you can LIKE it over there on the side bar. WOOO HOOOO !!!!! i am just like a real person!


4 thoughts on “fantasy doctor, eric morcambe glasses, and my facebook page

  1. Anti-seizure meds are often used to treat migraine; it works for some but not for others.

    I have a really small face and can almost wear teenager’s frames (but they look a bit too girly for my tastes). The “Eric Morcambe” frame has never gone out of fashion thanks to him, and they will look awesome on you! 🙂

    1. they do! i am so excited! i can’t bear to wait the week! just as well i have a birthday on sunday to distract me.

      i have tried a couple, one was epilim, it ran me right into the ground and i attempted suicide while on it, and i tried topiramate – really bad food issues on that. neither of them touched the migraines.

      oddly enough, after trying many different preventatives i was prescribed venlafaxine for being mental, and it has really made a dent in the migraines. i still have too many, but sometimes i have several days in a row without, which is unheard of.

  2. Some of those anti-seizure meds have more side effects than the average prescription pain med. It’s terrible that a neurologist isn’t educated on chronic migraines.

    1. the side effects were an unwanted adventure, has to be said. and i was left to my own devices with them.

      it’s amazing to me that the guy who was treating me is now heading up the migraine clinic. he moved on to there at the same time as i moved house, so i could still go and see him, but i don’t know that there is a point. in any case, it’s all rather beside the point at the moment since i have been very lax about record keeping. whoever i see next i need to have a few months of documentation to show them.

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