magic bag, new glasses, and ceramic figures

Migraine Awareness Month #18: “The Price Is Right.” What one thing would you do for the Migraine community if money were no issue. 

i don’t know what kind of elixir they had in that drip, but when i was in hospital getting my frown muscles filleted out i was told on no account was i to tolerate even a second of the beginning of a migraine that day. i don’t think it was mere kindness that they were about, it seems much more likely that after getting in behind my eyes with a scalpel it might be a bit challenging to the sewing, and maybe a bit extra painful for the patient, i don’t know, to have a full on migraineathon right after surgery. being me, naturally, within a couple of hours i was having the warning signs of impending migraine, so i told a nurse and quickety quick they brought a bag of SOMETHING MAGICAL in a drip and plugged me in. i still had a stent in my arm from the surgery, and all they had to do was hook it up. my god, but it saw off that migraine!  i was so impressed.

i don’t even know if it was some sort of liquid triptan, but you know the horridness as the triptan comes on? also the wait? none of it. neither. just switched the migraine off…

money no object? well, i’d have that ready and waiting for me all the time everywhere, and in an ideal world, whether you like the sound of it or not, i’d certainly share the magic with you.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


i’m off to the opticians today. i know! swimming on friday and now the opticians today! it’s almost like i am a real person! i’ve had a little look on their website and i quite like the look of these specs.

no idea if they will suit me, but i certainly like them as an object. funny thing about opticians, though. i never quite understand how they can have a shop full of frames and still try and tell you which ones you should have. i get that the lenses are their thing, but really, i want to choose how i look all day.

thing is, that i will have to be careful not to be railroaded into anything. i am never quite top form, and after an eye examination i doubt i will really be up to arguing the toss with them about what i do and don’t want to pay for. bad enough that i will have to bear in mind that i want quite big lenses and not too heavy frames. but i know there will be lots of other STUFF they want me to choose between. i have had bifocals this time round, and want the varifocals, but i don’t want to have to choose between different kinds of varifocals.

oh yeah, my face is lopsided as well, so glasses usually just annoy me constantly or else the optician has to do some sort of bendy magic, and i don’t know if all specs can be manipulated THUSLY.

so now you are all excited and nervous with me? good, good.


i’m not really big on ornaments, as such, but i saw these little sculptures on tumblr this morning and i thought ooh! likey!

they’re by Sophie Woodrow.

what do you think? are they not charming?


25 thoughts on “magic bag, new glasses, and ceramic figures

  1. Those sculptures wouldn’t look at all amiss on a Wiccan Altar. DO WANT!

    I only wanted to get one new frame this time round (last time I chose to keep the ones I have because – well – I happen to love them rather a lot) but unfortunately my stupid eyesight had other ideas! My existing frames simply aren’t big enough to squidge two different prescriptions in to, so I had to go for deeper and rounder frames this time. I’m getting the first set on Thursday morning and I can tell you that they are bronze coloured and VERY funky!

    Glasses are cool 🙂

    1. funky, YEAH!

      my prescription is so old now that not only do i squint, but also the shape of my laptop screen is distorted. i’ve been putting it off for ages, but we HAVE AND APPOINTMENT!!!!

      1. Haha, eye tests are SO MUCH FUN (I like them anyway; I get to make silly jokes with my optometrist and be told that yes, I do indeed look like a mad scientist with those big white testing frames on, haha).

        I’ve always gone to Specsavers because they are brilliant and have a permanent 2-4-1 offer.

        My next blog post, actually, is going to be about the NHS and eye tests and how being able to recieve eye care is a right and not a privelige, and how many of us would be in serious trouble without the NHS to look after us.

        1. the test is more or less a guaranteed migraine, for me. but squinting my eyes can’t be the best thing either.

          i will indeed be going to specsavers. my current specs have an irlen filter, but i can’t afford to have that done again, so i am hoping the sunglasses will suffice.

          1. I always suffer eye strain and headache after a test, but they’ve changed a few things now with a view to reducing the chances of seizures or migraines. If it’s on your notes that you suffer migraine then chances are that they’ll negate taking the photos of your eyeball. I had a photo taken of mine, but only after reassuring the technician that a single flash wouldn’t set me off.

            1. first time at this opticians. last one i went to always seemed to fleece me, so now i have moved house i am starting again.
              i’ve had to take a triptan anyway, so hopefully that will help. i will tell them about the migraine, that’s a good idea.

              1. I believe that, when I moved to Chelmsford and visited Specsavers for the first time, that was one of the first things I mentioned to them – and when I was there on Thursday I noticed that they’ve highlighted this on my notes with a marker pen so that, even if the technician and optometrist haven’t met me before, they will have already have had my condition brought to their attention. They are very accommodating to disabilities; they made sure I got a downstairs room for my eye test, and when the photographs were taken they allowed D to stay with me just in case.

                  1. Fortunately mine are; that’s why my neurologist never attempted to put me back on my old medication, and why I was sedated rather than knocked out for my extractions!

                    I’ve never recieved such wonderful medical care anywhere else; I wish everybody could say the same!

                    1. my health care has varied a LOT.

                      it seems to go from amazingly good to shockingly pants without warning. moving house was abysmal. there was no continuity of care, of course, which is part of the reason i ended up in hospital.

                      i am SUPER PLEASED with my new GP though. it’s a group practice and it took me a while to work out how to get to see the same person most of the time, but now things seem to have settled and i like my guy, he seems smart.

                    2. My doctor is fab too – as was the lady doctor who retired last summer. I’m just fretting about who’s going to fit my new Mirena next year now that the lady doctor who specialised in it has gone!

                    3. i was SOOOO relieved to get a mirena. made loads of difference for me.

                      i may have taken a diazepam before the fitting – i have a bit of a tendency to spasm because of the fibro.

                      hey! i just made a fb like button! LIKE A REAL BLOGGER!!!!

                    4. For me it’s Mirena or hysterectomy. My tubes might be tied but I’m too young for HRT thanks, and would like to remain intact for as long as possible! I take Nurofen half an hour before the procedure but my womb STILL tries to push the fucker out!

                      Going to hit like on your button now!

                    5. thanks! all the likes are good! (wanted to get the button up and running before the end of migraine month)

                      might be worth asking for some diazepam just for the occasion. they will probably ask you to bring a responsible adult with you, but i dare say you would do that anyway.

                      ten just came with me to the opticians. so glad he did. still anxious about the 101 decisions you have to make – phoned to change one detail, still anxious about a different one. i would be a basket case without him.

                    6. Mister Tribble came back from his eye test and said that it didn’t cost him a penny. Yes, said I, but you only need your lenses for reading and it’s a really weak prescription and you don’t need specialist lenses like I do!

                      They allow him to be with me when I have the Mirena replaced because of my epilepsy, thank goodness.

                      What was the outcome with your eye test?

                    7. he probably doesn’t care about frames. i like to look nice, but also it’s important to me to have quite big frames, especially if there is a colour coating because the point is to protect me from migraine triggering light. i need a stronger prescription for reading/computer, which is what i thought. i am going to go back there tomorrow because i have had a couple of second thoughts. i am excited about the frames, though!

                    8. No, he’s really not bothered. He only needs them for reading and so it’s only us that will see them – and then only occasionally.

                      I’m a little worried about having varifocals, but really excited about the frames! Personally I felt that the money I spent on my eye care was worth it – including the extra tenner to purchase stylish, sexy, geeky frames.

                      I’m picking up the bronze/gold coloured pair on Thursday morning. If I get on well with varifocals after 30 days they’ll lens up the lovely plummy red pair for me too – or turn them in to prescription sunglasses – for nowt 🙂

                    9. Exactly. I need to wear my glasses ALL OF THE TIME and so it was worth every penny to ensure that I had the best quality lens possible and pretty frames. If I only needed them for reading then I honestly wouldn’t give a flying rat’s arse what they looked like, as long as they did what they said on the packet.

  2. I also have a crooked face. The eye doctors always have to futz with the glasses to make them fit. I think one of my ears is higher than the other or something.

    I love those glasses! Good luck! And I LOVE those figurines. I don’t like little dustcatchery things, either, but sometimes I can’t resist. Especially when they’re turtle-related. I have a LOT of little wonderful turtles.

    1. damn my wonk! the left eye is all normal, and then i have the bottom of the frame quite high up in my line of sight. disorientating.

      my BIG FEAR is that the liverpool st specsavers will be too business people orientated to have the whacky frames. i’ve never been to specsavers so i don’t know if they always have all the stuff they show on the internet or not. i also have a cunning plan, that if the cat’s eyes shape is too mad on me, there is a version in the teen range which is similar. what defines teen glasses? we need to know. i am thinking their heads are going to be as big as they will get, but maybe not. must look at some teenagers and see how big their heads seem…

      i have a few concessions to the world of decorative objects. i have been given quite a few buddhas, i like wooden bowls, and i have a collection of glass jelly molds.

      in the interest of the science and art of interior decor, and the fact that i am happy to sit and criticize pictures of interiors, i might do a picture blog of my flat sometime. thing is that i haven’t exactly moved in completely… i will tidy up before my birthday. maybe that’ll be a good time to take pics.

  3. Love the glasses, and the ornaments.

    It is something to do with the way the lenses are cut, which frames they will let you try. Whenever I want new frames, they actually get the lens-cutter out to look at every pair I like, to say if my prescription will go with the shape of them. It’s a pain, but he seems to know what he’s talking about.

    They also do this excellent thing where they take your photo with a digital camera, then put four photos on a screen at once, so you can put on your current glasses and see for yourself what you’d look like in your new frames. After a lifetime of relying on my mum and the optician’s staff, that was brilliant.

    1. it was a 2 for 1 kind of offer, and i chose both frames from the men’s range.

      i am getting a pair of sunglasses as the second pair. i am going to be so EFFICIENT with all the specs.

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