my dream day and my worst fear

Migraine Awareness Month #9:  “Day Dream Believer.” Describe your dream day – without a Migraine to hold you back. 

the thing is, that if i haven’t already got a migraine, then doing practically anything could trigger one. so my magical dream day is less about having a migraine than having a free pass on triggers.

first up, swimming. most exercise is triggery, and i really miss it. the exercise i most hanker for is swimming. i like swimming in a pool, but LOVE swimming in the sea. so a really dreamy day would involve sea swimming. a free pass on the traveling as well, then. so a sunny day on the beach with swimming and ALL THE SUN. and while we are there, let me have whatever food and drink and whenever instead of having to stick to mealtimes and make sure that i don’t carb out.

between the chronic migraines and the fibro, i never do evenings. i am always pooped and in bed by mid evening. this means i don’t get to do dinners with friends. i also don’t get to go to theatre or anything either (too long sitting, even if i did go in the afternoon) but i think i will stick with my dream day as it is, largely because if everything is happening in the right direction and i don’t taunt the triggers it actually can happen – more or less.

my favourite beach is this one

it’s in north norfolk. sometimes my friend lottie get’s a few days at a house there owned by her family, and i have had bits of my dream day scattered over various trips, and i have had really nice times there mainly because lottie truly understands the restrictions i live with. we had a lovely vacation there with other friends nicky and kit, who cooked up a storm of an evening, and i could join in and then just go upstairs to bed.

i’d always rather have a fantasy that i can more or less fulfill. a kind of ‘my life, but better’ rather than something i can never ever have. where’s the fun in that?

ooh! i’d have red wine with dinner, though!

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”

Barbara Kruger

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

nobody said i had to write about migraine all month. and usually i don’t bang on about migraine or fibro. this is a place where these things don’t define me. so why now and why???

now, i know that we all have battles on our hands. the every day ones about looking normal and feeling like hell. in the US i know that sometimes you can’t have the triptans you need because your health insurance limits how many you can have in a month. lots of things, all the time.

here in the UK those of us who are unable to work and who have previously been awarded benefits on that basis are now living in fear of being forced to work. i can’t even begin to explain it all here. happily, i have already blogged about it a fair bit. and have made a page on the subject of WORKFARE. stop by if you are interested, or if you are in the UK and facing this problem – there are a couple of links there you might find useful.


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