light sensitivity, writing and books, and the state of the elaine

Migraine Awareness Month #8:  “Let there be light.” Most Migraineurs have issues with light sensitivity. What do you do to cope with it?

first of all, i stick to daylight where possible indoors. most artificial light nowadays is fluorescent, and the rate at which it vibrates is just right to push me over the edge. and, certainly, public places tend to be over-lit. daylight is a lot stronger than it seems, even on an overcast day. i usually ask for the light to be turned off if i am in someone else’s space. i like those little twinkly lights, though, and have them in most of my flat. they neither seem to spark nor aggravate pain.

i had a pair of glasses treated with irlen colour – which is a personalized prescription. for me, it’s a pinky grey. these help, but they are hellish expensive on top of the rest of the cost of glasses, and this time round i will have to go without. i can use sunglasses to an extent – obviously for sun, but also for train rides and the like. some sunglasses are better than others, and i hear tell that these are good for people who use computers for long stretches. as far as i can see, on the site, though, you’d have to have perfect vision or contacts to use them, since i can’t see a lens service on the site.

it is possible to make your screen have a colour cast in the same vein as the irlen lenses but i can’t find the link. here’s something, though. might be of help. also, adblock is a must for computers. constant flickering in ads is a completely pointless overload.

it’s advisable for anyone to take breaks from screens. i think for migraineurs it is vital. i don’t always take my own advice, and at the very least end up with eyestrain, which, for me, is a miserable enough pain on it’s own. i don’t have a tv, but remember, that’s a screen, too. as an aside, because i don’t have a tv but do like to watch films i’ve got a data projector. i think because you are not looking at the source of light it’s really very much easier on the eyes. they aren’t cheap, so it’s really rather either/or for me, but it was a no brainer after trying a friend’s one for a while.

in full sunshine i really have to take breaks. oh! and also, it’s good to have sunglasses that don’t let in light from around the sides. wraparounds are good, as are aviators.

here endeth the lesson!

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


picture time! i’ve made a little tumblr post about writing and books today.

i like the look of this gizmo for writing in

i’d want a foot rest, and i’d like it to have a push button tilting mechanism. and i want the screen to be at  just the right angle for there to be no strain on my neck. also, i want a cantilevered mug/plate extension for my tea and cake. think that just about covers it. wonder what colours they used?

i can’t find a photo credit for this, which is a shame. i prefer to give credit if i can.


me and poppet are having a quiet day indoors mostly today. we’ve been to the park, of course. it’s so windy that a tree has fallen down. we still played ball, though. fair’s fair!

after my treatment from ron yesterday i woke up migraining hard, but taking a triptan seems to have made a good dent in it today.

i feel less unwell in general today than i have done for days and days. i am really glad i wrote a dozen of the migraine month entries in advance.


6 thoughts on “light sensitivity, writing and books, and the state of the elaine

  1. I’m going to have to look into that coating for glasses, I think. Also, that writing seat is too cool. Want one!

    Very windy here too – I was interrupted from my blogging by a bird being thrown against the window by a strong gust of wind. Hope the poor fella’s okay :/

    1. if your eyesight isn’t changing too fast, or if you have buckets of money, of course, irlen lenses are really great. also, i don’t work, so i don’t commute or work in an office where i have no control over the light, and i don’t have to spend all day on a computer. but if i was earning a wage and had to factor any of that in i would certainly spring for them again because they make a huge difference.

  2. That typing seat is so groovy. That is the sort of thing we were meant to have in the future, that has so signally failed to materialise now that we are here. That, and jet packs.

    I don’t get migraines, but I am photosensitive. There is something about the light through car windows in particular that sears my retinas. Bad eyesight fun!

      1. The body of it looks white. I bet the rest of it was orange. They used so much orange back then. Used it all up, which is why there isn’t much to go around now.

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