migraine is a lonely frog, a look around my garden, and poppet’s bliss

Migraine Awareness Month #6:   Name That Tune! Choose a theme song for Migraine disease or your headache disorder. See if you can find a YouTube video of it for your blog post. 

gah! what fresh hell is this?
okay, i’ll bite. here’s clarence henry with aint got no home.

because migraine is a lonely lonely frog.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.”


so! today i went in to my garden to take some snappy snaps to show you. this was inspired by a conversation i had with my friend lara on facebook. she lives in LA so our gardening experiences are going to be a TINY bit different. now, i have a tiny garden, and it was in pretty good shape when i moved in here in september. i swapped flats, so have had quite a bit of contact with the former tenant, olly. i have stuck with his basic mixture of a couple of slightly foreign structural plants and a load of native wild flowers. i cut a lot of stuff back in the autumn, as per instruction, and aside from that it’s mainly been weeding and a bit of moving things around.

first up, possibly a bit daft, i “weeded” this patch to sow wild flower seeds. that’s right. i pulled up wild flowers to plant wild flowers. as amy would say; WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED?

i put down the chicken wire to protect the area from poppet, who likes to sit in bare mud, and who has previously used this area to bury bones.

on the table in pots is a whole lot of lettuce i bought from lidl.

it came in a tray of compost. i think you are supposed to snip, eat, discard. but looky here! if you plant out afterwards it all grows again. nom and nom.

also in a pot is this thing

which was in the ground and all chewed up by the many snails i seem to be cohabiting with. i dug it up, cut off the frayed leaves, and put it in a pot. new leaves are looking good. no idea what it is. my mum says it is a heebie??? i image searched this, and found a lot of different images, none of which looked like this. so – whatever. it’s attractive enough, i say it lives. (it’s like being a roman emperor, having a garden!)

now, i am QUITE EXCITED about this little chap

because when i first visited it was in full bloom. i know what it’s going to be!!!! it is a self seeded nasturtium. and it will grow all over the place and produce pretty orange flowers. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

the dark leaved little one here

is a strawberry plant. my friend hazel brought me three in the autumn. two didn’t survive because of my assistant head gardener. i planted them in the way of her route to the fence where she goes to say hello to passers by. i’ve got some sweet peas trying to grow up there, but i think there will be a distinct GAP where pops likes to sit.

well, it’s her garden too.

i am discovering that some plants mind being moved more than others. lots thrive when you move them but this one… this one *didn’t*.

so, i can say with some confidence – don’t try and move poppies. they give up the ghost. and you don’t want to see ALL  THIS SADNESS going on in your garden.

i was going to move this fern

because it’s the same colour as the wall just now (though it will turn green). however, there is ivy growing behind it, and at some point that ivy will take off, and then it will have a green background. the daisies on the right of the picture were ones that i moved. they didn’t give a monkey’s. which is good, because there are lots of them and they grow quite tall, so good for a bit of instant colour and structure.

now, lastly but not leastly, this ferny thing is a native riverside plant.

it wants to take over the entire garden. olly says that he asked for advice about it and was told he should “make friends” with it.

it’s not going anywhere, but i am not terribly sorry. it grows places where nothing else would live, so it brings to life a corner of the garden that would otherwise just be london clay and rubble and stones. i spend my life pulling it up elsewhere, as did olly, but i don’t resent it because it’s doing a good job in the bit where it’s welcome.

now that i am a gardener i spend my life praying for rain. gardening makes a crazy person of you. fact.


today’s the day poppet gets her stitches out. she will enjoy going to the vet’s. she’s a hardy little beast and rarely complains when vets do something unpleasant/painful to her. also, going to the vet is a happy thing because ALL THE CATS.

she doesn’t really play well with cats, so getting to be in the same waiting room as them is the best treat. cats are always in their carry baskets, so she can smell them and often see them, but she can’t get to them. and this is different to being in a walk because the proximity is sustained.



16 thoughts on “migraine is a lonely frog, a look around my garden, and poppet’s bliss

  1. Well the thing in the pot may be a Hebe, when I put it in the ground I called it a Hosta. It was wildly optimistic for me to think it might survive, you probably found some copper wrapped around the stems; that was to keep the snails off, ha ha! I’m sure it will be happier in a pot, especially if the pot is raised, it is looking well, all things considered..

    1. this might account for the odd selection of images – mainly of ‘heebie jeebies’ that i found when i googled ‘heebie’.

      looking up ‘hosta’ i am seeing more familiar images…

      seemed to really revive it, going in a pot. i also planted out the bamboo a while ago. it was never happy. i have put it back in a pot – the biggest one – and it is looking much better now, so fingers crossed.

  2. We planted out loads of Nasturtiums this year, because almost the entire plant is edible! You can use the leaves and petals in salads and the flower buds and seed pods can be made into nommy capers 🙂

  3. Well, you can use them fresh in salads and piccalilli as well 🙂

    I’m looking forward to my redcurrant bushes fruiting too, becauase I’m going to be making my own redcurrant jelly this year. It’s beautiful stuff that tastes amazing in all kinds of jams and sauces, or just on its own 🙂

          1. I ought to be getting some jars returned to me later in the month; I’ll remember to include you in the next batch (we’ve got loads already because I’m addicted to pickling!)

                  1. Haha! Let me accumulate some jars and I’ll get on to it!

                    The sweet chilli courgettes can be stir-fried or used raw in sandwiches and salads. We also add them to spag bol and chilli and various other things. Even the vinegar can be used as a salad dressing because it’s so spicy!

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