finding comfort during migraine, how to buy clothes that fit, and the fall of the rebel angels

Migraine Awareness Month #5:   “Do That To Me One More Time.” What comfort measure do you find helps you enough during a Migraine that you go back to it again and again, and how do you use it? 

i medicate both preventatively and at the time of a migraine. lots of belts and braces for me. i do behavioural things, i eat meals regularly and try to avoid carbs on their own, all the things. but for comfort my number one love, need, and want, is my heated throw.

as you may imagine, i started my heat loving with the simple hot water bottle. i moved on, like a comfort junky to microwavable seed pillows, and then to heated pads. however, the best thing by far is a heated throw. it’s not exactly what you want on a sunny day, but most of the time the direct application of heat is a total godsend. plus, when i was using heated pads i was going through several a year. the throws are a bit more expensive, but they last so long that i don’t even have a time limit to tell you about.

it’s THAT good.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


yesterday was a bit of a duvet day, plus it has been raining and a bit glum anyway, so i have little of REAL LIFE to report. happily, though, i have an active online life, and i was catching up with @mockduck yesterday and she told me about something OOH OOOH! WAIT!

i have to show you this CLEVER thing

look, here’s a screen shot, if you don’t believe me

i mean, if you are ANY WOMAN EVER or ANY MAN WHO WANTS TO BUY CLOTHES FOR ANY WOMAN EVER this is for you. she explains it in a blog post here.
and it’s so simple to use, as well. all you need is a set of measurements and you are good to go.

how clever is this? VERY CLEVER. wikipedia is uncharacteristically thin on the topic of sizing. if you know anything about the history of clothing manufacture you could do us all a favour and go and write the damn entry up properly. a propos of bugger all, the entry claims that standardized clothes sizes started in the early 1800s. i have forgotten what it is called because my brain is all migro-fried (new term i just coined, d’you like it?) but mass manufacturing of clothing has to wait until the turn of the last century when you could cut lots of cloth at once with a machine. it was called something and i knew the name of it once….

anyway, the point i am about to make is that people weren’t always as HEARTY shaped as they are now. i think that the current higgledly piggledy measurements reflect a change of average bust:waist:hips:height ratio probably particularly since WW2. also, bear in mind that even in the 60’s people often made their own clothes. my suspicion is that if you were a fashionable type with a familiarity with clothing patterns and you had a non standard shape you would buy the Vogue pattern, or whatever, and you would know how you personally would deviate from the sizes and you would cut your cloth accordingly. well, anyway we can all stop trying endless different sizes on in different shops, now, with this handy ready reckoner. so THANK YOU @darkgreener you should get a medal or something for this.


now. check this out

The fall of the rebel angels.
The Hague, KB, 76 E 7, f. 1r. Bible moralisée, Bruges; c. 1455-1460.

not being terribly well, i thought let me scroll through my tumblr and find an image to share with you. scroll scroll scroll. nothing. and then this. i looked at it and thought THAT IS FAR OUT. so, nothing really interesting to say about it apart from a generalized “well, would you look at THAT?”


4 thoughts on “finding comfort during migraine, how to buy clothes that fit, and the fall of the rebel angels

  1. That chart is so big it is messing up my friends page so I have to scroll back and forth to read everybody’s entries. Could you not use such wide images or put them under a cut? Thanks.

    1. i’m really sorry!

      finding it hard to re size.

      didn’t work first way i tried it, and i don’t have access to the feed, so i can’t do it in LJ. will download and resize that way.

  2. heat for a migraine, huh? I usually need need cool – cool compresses; cool, dark places to hide; etc.

    1. weird, right?

      it might be working in a ‘gateway’ way – so that any sensation distracts from the pain to some extent, or it may be that tension around the head and neck is alleviated. either way, it works for me.

      sometimes i get a bit queasy from the heat. so i mix it up a bit. darkness always, though. and audio books.

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