sunbathing & migraine, tumblring, and ron the back

Migraine Awareness Month #4:  “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over!” What’s the best tip you can offer others for having some summer fun despite Migraines?

one word. pacing.

now, maybe you already pace activity, i don’t know. as a chronic rather than episodic sufferer, and because i also have fibromyalgia, i have to do pacing. not the kind where you walk up and down, not that kind. the kind where you do something for a set amount of time, and then you rest for another set amount of time. i pace rest as well as activity. in the sunshine, assuming it comes back, i keep a glass of water on the go, somewhere i can see it, and i intersperse being out in the sun with coming indoors. long, uninterrupted sessions of sunshine are probably not the best thing for any migraineur, so rather than get to the stage where you have to spend days in a darkened room because i went all mental in the sunshine i try to pace my exposure to it.

i LOVE the sun. i like sunbathing, letting the warmth get right into my bones, but i have had enough fair weather migraines to know that long stretches of sunshine are not my friend.

little and often, my darlings! little and often.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


so, yesterday i made another tumblr for new readers, let me explain. i don’t generate much in the way of new images for my tumblr, but collect avidly and then make a themed post. sometimes the theme is very obvious, and sometimes it’s more in the style of free jazz. there’s a lot of fine art kicking about, but being an animal fan and a comedy fan and a weird shit fan, there can be quite the mix.

here’s today’s teaser picture

Diana Eastman

i love this image. for over a decade i have been seeing a myofascial release specialist. he has probably saved me from having to have operations, particularly on my back. when i started going to him my back was locked in a really exaggerated S shape. he unkinked it and he also battles a dowager’s hump. who needs a dowager’s hump? not me, my friends, not me.

i started seeing ron when i was working. for better or worse i had a corset which i had bought for THE GLAMOUR of it. i ended up wearing it just to get to work. on colleague said “you look like you’ve shit yourself” to me just before i went in to teach. why i attempted to work through the state my back was in is anyone’s guess. i mean, i loved my job, but i was in serious straits.

i started off going to the school of osteopathy, but when a friend recommended ron i started going to see him. one day i went to the dentist and she wanted to do an x ray that involved me having a thing in my mouth. i have tmj dysfunction, and i was really unhappy to have this thing in my mouth, my jaw was so painful. she pooh poohed my protests saying it wasn’t for long. it wasn’t, but the next day i couldn’t open my mouth. i phoned in sick, and my boss asked me if i wanted a laptop sent to my home so i could work. no. no i did not want a laptop. i wanted to lie down. i wanted to lie down so much that that was pretty much the end of me working. when i stopped getting paid ron said i should stop paying him. i said what about a sliding scale? he said that if i had to choose between coming to see him and paying a bill i’d probably pay the bill and he didn’t want me to not come to an appointment.

we have become great pals over the years. i am super grateful to him.



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