tea for two, goslings arrive on the lea, and les mis, the film

Migraine Awareness Month #2:  Tea for Two. If you could invite someone (any living person) to your home for tea for the purpose of explaining Migraine disease to them so they would truly understand it, who would it be and why?

okay. i can see that i am going to hit a brick wall with some of these prompts. if i could invite someone, any living person, to my home for tea WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO TALK ABOUT MIGRAINE??? i’m sorry, disease, i’m just not that into you.

of course, i’d like doctors and benefits agencies and the NHS and the Govt who are currently hurting disabled people so much to understand what a chronic condition actually means, and it would be great if employers and public places and trains and buses could do something about their evil lighting, but really, do i want to EXPLAIN myself again to anyone? no. no, i do not. if someone, any living person at all, were to come to tea i would want to talk about anything BUT migraine. i really really hate explaining why i can’t do things. it’s boring as hell and i won’t have it. so, come to tea, whoever you are, and lets talk about any subject you like apart from ill health. that is all.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.”


NOW! baby wildfowl! at LAST!

this morning i woke up with a recently persistent sense of dizziness and sicky feeling and so ten offered to take the dog out. it’s usually my job to do the first outing, but i felt yucky and not really up to wrangling the dog. but while he got dressed and pops got excited i thought, “but i would like to go too.” so i got dressed and we all went out en famille.

over the past few weeks i have been a bit alarmed at the lack of ducklings, goslings, and cygnets on our stretch of the lea. i’d heard that the olympic related digging that has been going on on the marshes has released a lot of toxic crap that had been buried for a long time, and i also saw a foxy boy on the opposite bank surrounded by a glum looking phalanx of geese the other night, and i wondered what was the cause of our dismal lack of spring chickies, considering we have, what? 30 swans? 20 odd canada geese? a few other kinds of geese, many ducks and a few random others who are regulars on this stretch.

a twitter correspondent reassured me, however, that she had seen babies in the reeds where she was, and not on the canal, so i dared to hope a little, while secretly thinking DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!

but my misgivings turned out to be all wrong. or at least, on our way back from the park i saw two canada geese with many many chicks between them in single file enter the canal like a little military flotilla.

hurrah! now, come on all you others, bring your babies, i need to see them. STAT.


ooh! did i forget to tell you? les miserables is going to be a film (again). this time with the west end music in it.

i am unreasonably excited about this. i worked on the west end show many years ago. i was a ‘stage showman’ which is a fancy term for stage hand, and i also made a prop before i left. i always liked the music and was grateful to work on a show that didn’t grate on the nerves too much.

the prop i made was a big ivy to disguise the fact that the same gates were used for the factory scene in the first act, and jean valjean’s house in the second. i went to see the show after i finished, and, reader, my ivy was beautiful.

of course i don’t have a photograph. damn the analogue days.


10 thoughts on “tea for two, goslings arrive on the lea, and les mis, the film

    1. in true towpath style, we are totally unmoved!

      apparently there will be some sort of event in the local park tomorrow. weather looks to stay pants for the foreseeable, though.

  1. Everyone’s been tweeting about that trailer but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I treated myself this morning. WOW. What amazing casting! My only question is – no Eponine in the trailer? Well, except for a tiny glimpse? I assume it’s because she’s not being played by a big name, but she’s my EPONINE. I love her more than ANYTHING. “On My Own?” One of my favorite songs in the whole entire world.

    Oh, no. Oh, wait. I just researched it. TAYLOR SWIFT IS PLAYING EPONINE. I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t know at all how I feel about this. I don’t hate Taylor Swift, but she doesn’t have the sort of gravitas that Eponine needs. I am at loose ends about this.

    But the rest of the cast is brilliant. And Anne Hathaway has a lovely voice. Ever since she sang at the Oscars, I’ve been saying they needed to get her into a musical. What a great trailer.

    I’m a little obsessed with Les Mis. I’ve seen it onstage 4 or 5 times, watched every film adaptation I could get my hands on, and even slogged my way through the entire book at the age of 15. (It’s actually quite a good book, but at 15? Wow, I was one dedicated teen.) So I’ll be there. I’ll probably take my mom over the holidays. She loves musicals as much as I do and there are very few movies we can go to together (we have very different taste), so this will be nice.

    I’m very envious you got to work on it. The only musicals I’ve ever gotten to work on were “Hair” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” I like working on musicals better than straight shows, but I’ve never worked at a theater since that puts on musicals since. Just the way my life has turned, I guess.

    1. i hadn’t even heard of it when i started there. i had no idea what happened on the barricades for such a long time because i was under the stage doing a trap door cue.

      probably just as well, in a way. it’s a workplace, and although it is good to be friendly i wouldn’t have liked to be awed by anyone. having said that, our innkeeper was particularly good, and the lass who played eponine actually made me cry one time in rehearsals because someone, maybe cameron macintosh was in the house? maybe they were casting for new york? i don’t know, but she sang her heart out.

  2. I have never had a chance to watch Les Mis onstage but ever time our public broadcasting does the 20th anniv special I have have to drop everything to watch it. Its like a drug. But not the most recent special in which someone did the horror of trying to put the Jonas brother in the role of Marius. Not only can he not sing, but until I I realized who he was playing I was all like “what the hell is Gavorche doing up there?” He certainly lacked a…gravitas. Enjorlas looked elderly compared to him.
    Anyway, where I go for our weekly farmer market has a pond that is well populated by geese, and goslings have been out in force for the last few weeks. I mean, holy cow, the pond has been FULL OF BROWN FUZZ as far as you can see. so I hope your populations comes up to force

    1. it is very cleverly staged. i’d never seen a revolve before, and i think it was used very well. the barricades were a work of art – doubling as paris slums when vertical and cleverly meshed together so that when they unfolded they made the barricades. a very satisfying bit of stagecraft. probably the staging and the props seemed rather ‘invisible’ to the audience, but that’s why it was so clever. there were plenty props, but they weren’t there to dazzle, they were there to support the narrative. something that pleases me!

      i have great hopes for the arrival of the fuzzy ones. it’s all very dramatic!

  3. geeze. There were some extra prompts to use if you couldn’t think of something to write on the day’s prompt. Why bother like this?

    1. sorry you were disappointed by my post.

      my plan is to write my reaction to the day’s prompt, rather than pick and choose. it’s not that i couldn’t think of anything to say, rather that my response to the prompt was to tell about how much i dislike talking about having a chronic condition. so that’s what i wrote about.

      when someone gets an ailment now and again then it hardly matters if they talk about it, but i am ill all the time, and i don’t want to drive away what friends i still have, and i don’t want to moan the whole time, after all, they have probably heard it all before, and i certainly have. this has a flip side – because i rarely talk about how i really am, health wise, there is a sense of further isolation. so i decided to blog for the whole of the month.

      i hope that if you drop by again you will find whatever i say that day less annoying!

  4. Les Mis! I am excited, but at the same time, much as I like Anne Hathaway, she looks too healthy to be Fantine. Also, Russell Crowe is always a downer for me. But Les Mis! I am still mostly excited.

    Years ago I saw Anne Hathaway on a chat show here. This is when she was very young, doing publicity for that film in which she found out she was a princess. Anyway, the guest before her was a scientist talking about stem cell research. When Anne H. came on, the host said to her, ‘So, what can *you* tell us about stem cells?’, very sneery, like, ‘haha, Hollywood starlet, I will make you look stupid’. And she played it with a straight bat, showing that she had listened to and understood the guest before her, finishing with, ‘But it’s a complicated situation, and I’m no expert.’ So she made the host look stupid, in the nicest possible way, and I have always liked her since that moment. But her teeth are too good to be Fantine’s.

    I hope the film has some ivy in it, as an homage to you.

    1. i’m a bit worried i will be distracted if they do it with an american accent. i was all excited so i listened to some yootoobs, and one of the eponines did. i think it may be because, for me, singing with an american accent either makes something set in america, which doesn’t work, or the other thing that i thought was that it’s the accent of pop music.

      i hope that with the sfx available these days they can actually make fantine sell her teeth like she did in the novel. obvs, you couldn’t do that in a stage musical. you’d go through too many fantines!

      somewhere i have the drawing i did for the ivy. i will see if i can look it out. not the same as having a photo, but still.

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