my first migraine, question time, and scary french stories

migraine awareness month heralds a blogging thingybob where we migraineurs are invited to blog together all month about migraines. now, you know me, i don’t like to bang on about my ailments, but i am going to give this a little whirl. i don’t know if i will manage every day, and i don’t intend to just give you a wall of migraine all month, what’d be the point of that apart from demonstrating in real time what my actual daily life is like and losing all and any readers in the process, i should think.

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thing is, there are lots of RULES about where to put links and how to tag and whatnot. frankly, my dears, i will give it a bash and if it is not SUPER EASY i will abandon it. and that, as you may have gathered, is how i roll. prompt one is this;

Migraine Awareness Month #1: Your First for the First. Share the story of your first Migraine, what it was like, if you knew what it was, what you did, how you felt.

the thing of it is, that i don’t know when my first migraine was. this might seem a bizarre statement to make, but it took me decades to get diagnosed, and i had a problem with chronic daily headache, made worse by tanking codeine based pain killers, for YEARS. i came off the pain killers under supervision and discovered that i’d been having a lot of rebound headaches.

once the rebound headaches had been weeded out i found that i was still having episodic headaches that would last around three days. i figured they were migraines, and went to my doc. darlings, this doctor was not notable for his bedside manner. and he didn’t like any attempt at self diagnosis. god knows what state he got into once joe and jolene public got their grubby mitts on google and wikepidia.

anyway, i told the doc what i thought and asked for triptans. he told me BRUSQUELY that if my headaches were not migraines they would not help. in a tone which told me in a capslock subtext that if i had diagnosed it myself then i couldn’t possibly be right and the drug wouldn’t help one bit, NO SIRREE BOB!

however, i was right, and the drug did help. for a while.

i remember, as a kid, having headaches and having to go to my bed during the day. i have no idea if they were migraines. my parents seem to think i was making them up. but i remember the pain. could have been something else, though, because i didn’t start having a problem with persistent headaches until i was in my early twenties. we may never know.

“National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by”


so, well done for reading that. what can i give you as a pudding? well, feast your eyes on this

it’s a new craze brought to my attention by @unfortunatalie who runs a question time evening in hackney where everyone hangs out together tweeting along to question time and ignoring their friends in the room. the dimble dance is named after richard dimbleby, who presents the show.

here’s a taste of the article;

“Question Time is a serious programme,” said one viewer, Chris Nicholson. “But at the same time there is something dramatic and even camp about it that opens up something of a pantomime.”
“There are no big ideas anymore,” said Nicholson. “So the politicians are now shop-window dummies for the audience to jeer at: I guess we’ve found our own comedic Orwellian hate hour now.”


what i loved was the way that nat retweeted all the people who said mean things about it on twitter! what a trouper! made me look, anyway, so bollocks to them! and hurrah to natalie for being such a good sport.


another guardian article caught my eye yesterday. terrifying french childrens books in pictures gave me quite a thrill.

all the horrid fun of shockheaded peter kind of a thing, but en francais! my current FAVOURITE language.

ou est maman? je ne sais pas! malhereusement, petite personne de quoi sexe, on a vu que tu es dans un forêt d’épines. is all i can say, for the moment!

7 thoughts on “my first migraine, question time, and scary french stories

  1. Ha! Even my pathetic French can do that without Google Translate. WHERE IS MAMA? And the look on her face? My goodness, France, way to give Germany a run for their money!

    You know, in the States, things like that would never make print. People are too worried about THE CHILDREN. Let’s not SCAR the CHILDREN. The POOR CHILDREN. ALAS ALACK. I’m not saying I’d read The Nephew things like this, but I like that they exist.

  2. I dunno. Bunnicula.

    Ok, its still not as a scary. But would anyplace But the US ever come up with the idea of a vampire bunny rabbit that only the dog knows is a vampire? (I am pretty sure that the fact my former sister in law never read it is part of the reason why she is former…)

    Anyway, I couldn’t tell you when my first migraine was either..i just remember my headaches gradually going from owowow to ohmygod I just need to go pass out before I fall over.

    I think one of the MANY problems with determining when migraines start is not only the reluctance of some drs to admit they are a problem. but also that there the symptoms of a migraine are not the same for everyone, so many people can have them for a long time without it sinking in what they are! (Including my husband, who was just in denial. I just kept hitting him with a cluebat)

    1. yes, absolutely.

      despite having them for over a decade, when i started reading about a year ago i was constantly going “oh! THAT THING” every time i read a new post!

      mind you, it does seem that a lot of the knowledge now is relatively newly discovered. i am glad that chocolate craving is a symptom and not a cause.

  3. I am taken with the publisher of that French picture book: Éditions Être. That’s very… philosophical.

    Of the others in the blog, I think my favourite is Le jour où papa a tué sa vieille tante. Look at papa on the cover. He’s a tante-killer if ever I saw one.

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