what can i do?

there are those who SAY i have an imagination. but my dark secret is that i haven’t, really. i have relied on real life examples, for most of my life, of what a person can do for a living.

my dad sent me this picture recently. it’s not of him, but of someone else working at the drawing office he worked at when i was little.

i liked going there a lot. and i always knew that you could draw for a living because my dad did. WHAT he drew was quite another thing. we will draw a veil (buahahahaha!) over technical drawing per se since i am the grubbiest messiest artist alive and would never have managed that kind of work. far less understood what they were doing drawings OF.

still! it was drawing. and i always owned a drawing board up until very recently. i also owned a meter stick (metal straight edge) and my dad was horrified at how i treated it. “That’s a Precision Instrument!” he exclaimed at me one time as i was wielding it about. “Not any more.” i answered, cruelly.

so, how do you like that little foray into capitalization? well, there will be MORE of it soon enough! gentle reader, i am going to write for the daily waffle and i will have to ditch my ee cummings tribute style of writing and be more of a grown up.

and if that is not enough, i am CONSIDERING. considering, i say, writing a post a day for the next month for migraine awareness month. the rules are here if you’re interested. i have til tomorrow to decide. i don’t know. i’ll watch something on iplayer and come back to it.

pip pip!


4 thoughts on “what can i do?

  1. Yay! You will be writing more!
    Many ,many years ago I took a drafting class. Blueprints and stuff like that. I liked standing at that board, even though I had no talent for it.
    And Yay again for the more writing thing. I hope it is fun for you.

    1. yes, my dad had that standing at a board job. we had blueprints all over the dining room when he worked at home, checking things with red and green markers. i loved the look of blueprints even though the drawings on them made no sense to me.

      i like tracy emin’s monoprints in blue, too.

      i am looking forward to the writing. bit nervous, but still, YAY!

  2. So excited about your new gig! I can’t wait! You’re going to be wonderful. The Daily Waffle is lucky to have you.

    I love that photo. Old black and whites are my favorite. So moody and beautiful.

    1. it really brought back visits to my dad’s work all those years ago – i have to have been very young, probably not even school age. imagine the excitement!

      i am so excited to get to waffle. thanks for the idea of the three things, makes me feel like i don’t have to panic about what to write.

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