a dog so sad!

poor little poppet! she’s had the drainage tube taken out, now, so i can let her mooch about without the lampshade on as long as i keep an eye on her, but she was sooooooooooooooo miserable when she got back from the vet’s with this macaroni sticking out of her neck.


ian took these pics just after they brought her home from her op. she was QUITE GRUMPY that day, but perked up the next day and wanted to go out. the cone of shame is a bit too big for her and she constantly bashes into walls and the ground. can’t let her off the lead with it on, that would be crazytalk.

she’s nearly back to normal now she’s had that taken out, and i let her have a play with charlie in the park. he jumped all over her, but she growled when he got too close. she manages him really well. funny pups.


22 thoughts on “a dog so sad!

    1. i know! so sad that day, perked right up after that, though.

      i shared your post about the animal experiments on fb. got a lot of attention there and some shares.

  1. Aw, Poppet! Hope better times are coming soon! (Animals in lampshades are always funny to me. Not for the animals, but for me. CONE OF SHAAAAMMMMEEE! Then I feel bad laughing because the animals are so sad.)

  2. I’m glad she’s getting better. Keep all the receipts so that if you see the other dog owner you can tell her about the expenses you incurred because of her unleashed dog and maybe you can get come compensation from her. Then if she takes a financial hit, she’ll wise up and keep her dog more closely.

    1. i doubt i will see her again, but i would certainly say something if i did.

      it’s quite villagey around here, so people and their dogs fall into two camps, locals and passing through. frankly i’d be as happy never to see her again!

    1. i was really worried on the day when i realized i was going to have to take her to the vet’s. i don’t know if he was being particularly doom mongery, but she was quite ill from it.

      still on antibiotics, but she’s so chipper, i think we are out of the woods. still keeping all digits crossed, though.

  3. Thanks for liking my blog post-I am back after a blissful week in Kent with family to the reality of the dysfunctional East End (in so many ways). It would be great to meet up-what day is the birthday do again? I hope you are enjoying the sunshine-I had rather a lot yesterday and so have been hiding today-but also getting back to focusing on work. I also have discovered I have eczema which is horrible-by the looks on some people on the internet I do not have it that badly-just a bit on my back, forehead and neck, but still, illnesses suck don’t they? The doctor says it is stress-related…

    1. 24th june – a sunday. tea and cake in the afternoon.

      if you can get yourself some sesame oil – raw, not toasted! you can use it all over your body, and it will help with things like eczema and athlete’s foot and so on. you rub it in all over before a bath or shower. (being careful not to slip if you put it on the soles of your feet!)

        1. yep. it’s a good remedy.

          planning to come down your way maybe next week – want to go to atlantis and buy some paint. will see if you are around on the day. would you want to come with?

  4. Poor Poppet, she looks miserable. Good to know she’s on her way back to normal now, though. It must be so confusing for them, being sick or injured, and then having us do strange things like put cones on their heads and give them medicine.

    1. weirdly enough, she doesn’t avoid having the lampshade put on, even though she is VERY awkward with it on. the drugs are okay, since i hide them in her food.

      now the pasta tube has been taken out i’m not putting the cone on too much, just watching her to make sure she doesn’t scratch at her stitches. so far so good.

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