staffie in sorry state shock

poor poppet!

so, thursday we were on the towpath. poppet was on the lead, everything was normal. a woman up ahead had two dogs off the lead, and i saw her put a lead on one of her dogs. this led me to feel perfectly safe, since normally if someone is conscientious enough to put their possibly aggressive dog on a lead then if they leave their other dog off leash then they probably know what they are doing. WRONG.

when we drew near the other dog simply leapt on pops, biting her. it was sudden and frenzied. the woman got her dog off and was apologetic, though she seemed more interested in shouting at her dog than making sure mine was alright.

thing is, staffies are hardy creatures. i said i couldn’t see any damage and we left the scene of the crime. poppet was a little shaken, so i took her a longer walk than i was intending to burn of her adrenaline and on the way back she played with a staffie she knew, so i thought all was well.

when i got her home i saw that there was quite a bad tear on her ear. i cleaned it and put a bit of superglue on it. she was a bit shaken and clingy but i didn’t think too much of it. indeed in my post superglue and staying in you can see i was all but blase.

by the saturday there was also a pronounced lump on the back of her head, so i thought perhaps she’d had a nip there, too. sunday it was the same, but she’d let me touch it, and her ear, and the ear looked like it was mending.

horror of horrors, monday morning, the lump was enormous and hot. we made an appointment at a local vet’s and took her along.

does not like. not funny.

the vet had a good look at her, and said that the wound might have healed on it’s own but that the dog had bitten cartilage as well, which meant an operation. he wasn’t sure what the lump was about, but would shave it and inspect it while she was under. he thinks it could be an abscess? he cleaned the wound and put a lampshade on her, and said that it would cost around £600.

on the up side, she now looks like she could be a character in a cyber version of a jane austin novel. pride and prejudice meets the hunger games?

i had planned to start using the free vet and stop paying insurance, but i never got around to it. i will have to pay an excess, but it is under £100, so most of it is covered. in more boring but relevant news, i fell and messed my back up and have been migraining for days, so waiting in line at the free vet’s would have been really hard on me, even with ten’s help.

this morning she has gone off to have surgery. ian offered to drive her, and ten has gone too. i am at home with my migraine medication, trying to get well enough to travel to physio today. i really need it, but the timing is pretty bad.

because of the move, this was our first time at this vet, and he gave us some startling news. he had a look at her teeth, and said that the damaged one would have to come out – it’s been like that since i got her, but neither of the other vets said anything. i assumed i’d have to get it looked at sooner or later, and maybe use the free vet for that, since insurance tends not to cover teeth. looking at her, though, he said that she was much older than three and a half… reader! he says she is six!

so, in one moment her age doubled! see, when i got her i did ask, and i wasn’t totally convinced, but the people who rescued her said that she was a year old, and that she had been bred from, probably too early, and that her greying muzzle was probably a hormonal reaction to being bred too young. on the other hand, they didn’t know she was a full staffie, so skinny was she when she was rescued. it was only when i took her to be chipped a couple of months later that they realized that she was a proper staff and not a cross. crosses tend to have a skinnier figure, staffs are more like bulldogs, with the slim hips and the muscular shoulders, and that was the other thing, a few months later she really filled out and stopped eating as much, so i assumed that they had actually been right, and that this was her coming into her adult body. i don’t know what was up with that, but i am inclined to believe new vet. he says she can be no younger than five.  suddenly i have a middle aged dog and not a youngster!

so, what did we learn? that my 20\2o hindsight is as good as it ever was. that, while poppet is a great ambassador for peace among dog kind, we might benefit from being a bit more wary of stranger danger, perhaps especially when there is more than one dog. all the rest is ‘if only’ and coincidence or fate.

ten’s just got back. she’s having her operation now. fingers crossed and all prayers gratefully received.


27 thoughts on “staffie in sorry state shock

  1. Poor Poppet! Did you get the woman’s details so that you can press charges? I’d want to kill her!

    Hard to believe that she’s no younger than five; every time I’ve had a cat from the shelter and taken them for a health check with my own vet they come out half the age they were when they went in!

    1. nope. and because she wasn’t a regular on the towpath i might never see her again anyway.

      i guess her age will always be a mystery. when i got her she’d been called ‘lady’ by her foster carer. i thought the name was inappropriate, but little did i know she was being so coy!

  2. Praying for the little poppet (cute name). She doesn’t look amused with the collar in that first photo 🙂

    1. she really doesn’t does she? i thought she adapted to it rather well, actually. which is just as well because the vet says she’ll be wearing it for a fortnight. it will make walks a bit mis for her, since she likes getting her beak into things, she likes socializing, and she likes playing ball.

      poppet is her formal name. i call her many other names; pop, pops, bob, bobbit, bobbins and sillyface all spring to mind.

        1. it’s going to be difficult to exercise her well with the cone on. i think it’s a bit big for her – they put a bigger one on after the op.

          we have to go back friday and get a drainage tube taken out, so then we will be on the up and up, hopefully.

  3. Poor sweet poppet. The aggressor dog may have had a problem with staffies. My dog gets grumpy at huskies and will have a shout at them from afar. Fingers crossed for pops.

    1. it was a staffie cross that bit her. vet says they go for the heads like that.

      if only i had known that you really have to go to the vet if the skin is broken. you can get all the good 20\20 hindsight from me, any time, cat.

  4. I sure hope that poppet is going to be fine. Maybe the other dog owner’s insurance can be responsible. Other dog owner was negligent besides being irresponsible and not leaving her contact info. (I read above that other dog owner will probably get away.) Hoping for Pops’s complete recovery and no complications or psycho damage.

    1. unfortunately i don’t know the woman. stricter leash laws are just about to come into place, and i think i would feel fairly justified asking for someone to put their dog on leash after all this. poor little bobbins is very low and quite shaken. she has some sort of drain thing poking out of her, that is getting taken out on friday. she’s got a terrible hacking cough that i think is from the anesthetic.
      the good thing with staffs is that they barely remember ten seconds ago. as long as she recovers physically she will probably be fine psychologically, too. after the incident i took her a walk to wear off the adrenaline, and on our way back we ran in to a guy with his staff who we’d met before, and she played just fine with her for a little while, and some time in the next couple of days she had a play with a daschund friend, so i think that we’re good for that.

      happily, for most of the year, most days, it’s the same people and dogs on the towpath and in the park, so i won’t have to be on high alert all the time, but i think in the summer i will be rather vigilant about stranger danger.

  5. Aw, poor Poppet! All the hugs! Gentle, non-hurty hugs!

    My last cat was older than they’d thought, too. I guess it’s one of our risks as parents of adopted pets. She acted younger, though. It’s tough to tell.

    Get well soon, Poppet! And how about you, Poppet’s Mom? Feeling ok?

    1. she was a bit mis last night, but full of beans this morning.

      i, on the other hand, had a very comprehensive physio session, and am very tender and migrainy. got to get on top of things, though, because i have my mum coming to stay for a week.

    1. yes! she was a bit grumpy and shivery afterwards but this morning she was very bright and ready to go out to the park.

      they put a drainage tube in which looks like pasta. that comes out friday, then after that it’s all about healing up.

    1. it’s such a relief.

      we are having to walk her ALL the time because we can’t let her off the lead to run around or play ball. she’s got loads of energy. and a massive lampshade on her head. (bigger than the one in the photo)

  6. Oh no. This sort of thing is really one of my weaknesses. So hoping she’ll be ok.

    I saw the next post already, so I know she’s better. Still, I’m sending you my best wishes.

    The very best. They couldn’t be any better – these wishes. That I’m sending. Right now.

    1. thank you! the wishes are lovely and shiny!

      she seems to be pretty good. had the tube taken out and gone from strength to strength – even playing with charlie in the park this morning.

      next stop is ending the antibiotics. i will be holding my breath and crossing my fingers.

  7. They’re able to tell by the teeth, I think, the age. When I took my stray cat in and asked for an age approximation, they looked at her teeth.

    I’m glad she’s feeling better, and playing again ^_^

    1. he did look, which is more than other vets have done, actually. and she has got a bad tooth that she had when i got her. vet wants to take it out, but it won’t be covered by insurance, i don’t think, so might have to go to the free vet for that. she doesn’t SEEM to be suffering from it, but he did say it could cause an abscess, and i am now more aware of what that means…

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