superglue and staying in

i made a little daydream on tumblr today.

Stefan Bruggemann

we’re having a bit of a quiet day today, since poppet is feeling a little sorry for herself after getting bitten yesterday. i can’t tempt her with an outing this afternoon, even though she had a great time this morning playing with three daschunds who were gentle little beasts.

i don’t even know how it happened really, though, of course, i have all the 20/20 hindsight in the world. but the upshot was that a dog bit her quite hard on the ear. rather than take her to the vet, though, i dropped a little superglue on the cut. people often seem to be surprised that i use superglue on cuts, but i had heard that they developed it for use in vietnam and have used it for years. well, of course, before telling YOU, my gentle reader, about this i had to quickly check my facts. this seems to be as good an account as any. i don’t use the spray kind on animals, though because they hate the sound of a spray and it makes it tricky and very sloppy to apply. a drop of superglue is quicker, less messy, and better for accuracy.

ten’s away just now, so it’s just us, but tonight we’re having my neighbour, stephen, round and we are going to watch abigail’s party.

here’s a clip

all of it is on youtube and is decent quality for the time. if you’ve not seen it, or indeed any other mike leigh plays then here’s a bit of background for ya:

IT’S ALL WORKSHOPPED! they literally start with NOTHING.

it’s how he directs! clever and usually a dark moment or two, and very real, emotionally. all his films are made like that, and they are jaw dropping. i think i have seen all of them. abigail’s party started off as a stage play and moved to telly. the later films are more expensively made, but it’s all there from the beginning. i’d recommend you treat yourself to a mike leigh season. might have one, myself.


4 thoughts on “superglue and staying in

  1. Thanks for this – had no idea that Abigail’s Party was on Youtube and have just watched the whole thing.

    I hope Poppet’s ear gets better quickly. Poor Poppet!

  2. Aw, poor Poppet. I hope she’s all right.

    I love that red room in your tumblr today. I could live in that.

    1. it seems the dog also bit her quite hard on the back of her neck, as it has now swollen up and is sensitive to the touch. the ear seems to be less of a big deal now. she’s still a bit clingy and weird, though. happily, we ran in to the lady with the daschund again today and we (the humans) had coffee. her dog likes to play with poppet, but is far too small to really hurt her sensitive bits.

      as we get into summer there are more dogs about, and i will now be being super careful about dogs i don’t know.

      that red space is amazing, isn’t it? it took me a while to see everything that is going on with it, which is very satisfying to me.

      it was a funny little collection. i hope it hung together alright. sometimes i am quite confident with my non themed posts, but this one – well, not that it MATTERS as such!

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