poppet’s morning walk

phil is feeding the pigeons with grain. poppet doesn’t like grain, but she still thinks it should be for her.

hello, bruno!

bye, bruno!

not allowed inside here – but there could be food, so let’s take a quick sniff around IN CASE.

hello buster.

bye buster.

ooh! hello costa!

poppet’s new friend, charlie looks on from his balcony.


6 thoughts on “poppet’s morning walk

    1. it was the first sunny day in ages. it was lucky that a lot of her friends happened to be out – i wish charlie had been, but we’ll get him in full another time.

      poppet is totally in love with bruno, but like the hussy she is, she is also in love with another rottie, major. it could be she doesn’t know they are two different dogs, she’s not the sharpest.

      buster is not interested in poppet, but i talk to his owner, paul, and we walked along together.

      seems like everyone is into costa! but then, he is a wildly enthusiastic puppy, and wants to say hello to everyone.

      not brilliant photos – but a good grab of poppet’s pals.

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