drawings of helen

yesterday i had a visit from my friend helen lopez. we went to art school together a million years ago in liverpool. as you can see, if you clicky through, she is still very much a practicing artist, whereas i am not. i do, however, still have a lot of work from that time, which it is my general intention to document and then bin.

one of the things i did quite a bit of at college was draw friends. helen did, too. these drawings have pairs somewhere in her own back catalogue.

i guess these are from about 1981-82. i am glad they are going to a good home. she doesn’t just say she will have them framed – her partner is a framer, so it will actually happen. two down, quite a few left to go…

we talked for hours. poppet clung to her like a wet towel. she is the least loyal animal i have ever met. although it is sweet the way she remembers people. she’s only met helen once before, and she was crazy to see her again. ten made us curry.

she’s invited us up to see her in wales. AND we could take poppet! they have a dog, but he’s an old codger. the cats will have to be circumspect though. but cats are usually pretty good at that.

she lives in the country by the sea. i may forget to come home.


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