spiral (engrenages)

et bien, mes petite cadets d’espace! en un edition special de cette blog ici, un review de television programme engrenages – ou, en anglais cogs. mais, naturellement, il y a rien programme q’appelle cogs. non. c’est spiral ici dans la royanne uni.

that redhead? she’s a piece of work.

et maintenant! REGARDEZ!  le voila! les vraiment ENGENAGES!

c’est le premier fois j’ais vu un animation dans wikipedia (ou j’ai ganked it from)


engrenage m (plural engrenages)

  1. gear (a wheel with grooves)
  2. (figuratively) inescapable sequence of events

malheuresement, COGS n’est pas les plus belle titre pour les anglophones. so, SPIRAL it is. less an ‘inescapable sequence of events’ and more of a twirly thing. still. can’t have a programme called COGS, now, can we? just wouldn’t work.

check out the chevrons chef!

i like the scale of this. and the chevrons.it makes me happy. at one point while putting this post together i got waylaid into watching an actual video in french about cogs. and then i explained how cogs worked to ten. in french. not necessarily good french, but french nonetheless, and not franglais.

i don’t want to talk about the actual series, just the title. so no spoilers. and really, when you have so much to say about the title, it’s just crazytalk to start getting into the whole thing. especially with all the franglais i might have to employ. especially since my franglais seems to be rustier than my actual french.

“dommage!” you might say. or you might just say “phew”.


4 thoughts on “spiral (engrenages)

    1. me too! i have hardly been to france, this is all from school french, which i wasn’t even particularly good at. it’s probably shockingly bad, but it was FUN.

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