busy! what? i’ll say!

what a massively busy day!

not that i have got anything much done as such, but i am tired and have done a few things, so this will just be a shorty, if you don’t mind.

i know this is not a flower. i’ve put it in to protect some seeds i just scattered. ten has taken EVERYTHING out of the shed and has found some little bits and bobs for me, like the green stakes you can see here helping the sweet pea seedlings find their way to the railings.

it’s been really rainy here so we have all had a touch of cabin fever. poppet most of all, since she has been deprived of play. today we met our newest friends, mark and charlie, on the way to the park, and she got a good play with the ball before it became all crazy scorchio.

now, it might not mean much to you except “look, duckies” but this river is right outside. i took the photo from the garden. and you see how you can see a swan’s head right next to the edge? the water level has, over the past couple of days gone from being about 4ft from the top to about a foot. i know. virtually a flood. there’s been some unhappy ducks during this weather, i can tell you.

anyway, i will have to get a photo of charlie. he is the darlingest. he is an english bull dog/pit cross. so a bit like these little beezers

but softer round the edges. he’s a lovely boy, newly adopted. he will make a great playmate for the popster once he has settled down. he’s still a bit jumpy, and mark can’t let him off the lead yet. and he is VERY afraid of the trains, but he will get over these things in time. he’s a more suitable playmate than major or bruno, the two rotties poppet is mad for – they are about 4x her size, and when things get playful she gets squished, but it doesn’t put her off. better to play with a doggie her own size, i reckon.

anyway, after that i had to post a parcel, and after that i came home and watched silent witness. and after that i did a bit of gardening. and after that i made a front page for m’blog check it out here. obviously it’s a work in progress, but i have made a start, and worked out how to make it ‘sticky’ and all that. so, yeah. bloody zorsted now.

pip pip!


6 thoughts on “busy! what? i’ll say!

    1. so many ducks. also geese and swans. and the heron.

      poppet hardly bothers chasing them any more, though she was quite interested in the swans being so NEAR.

  1. This is *fantastic*.

    The last few days I’ve been on the coast of Spain. Torrential rain upon arrival, and the greyest of clouds until yesterday afternoon.

    Luckily, the sun has come out and now everywhere is full of scorchia.

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