tootling along the information superhighway in a morris minor with a flask of tea and a map

a weird thing seems to happen to this blog. maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe is becoming a thing?

i hadn’t heard of it until i was namechecked on twitter as a contributer. the first time i wrote it off as a freak event, but now i have been featured in two different ones! the first time it was a guy who is a labour politician in scotland who was following me on twitter, but seems to have changed his mind now, and then the other day a disability rights & green activist did the same. both of them put blog posts of mine under ‘stories’ in their paper, which is quite nice, since i think i am more of a colour supplement kind of a person than a newsy one. i am also quite liking the spread of my apparent appeal – leftie and green? why not.

although, that said, i do follow textsfromhillaryclinton on tumblr, so i feel that i am as well informed about current affairs as i need to be. there’s no need to overdo these things. once you are a bit informed it seems to me you only need a little bit of topping up.

and i am culturally aware enough to know that this is a ‘mashup’ and even – get this –Β  what of. so it’s almost as though i am part of the world and everything. mind you i would never have known about fuckyeahryangosling if not for feministryangosling being featured in the guardian and therefore my facebook feed. sometimes it’s a close call as to whether i am all over le dernier cri of contemporary culture or hopelessly out of the loop. it’s like living on a DAMN RAZOR’S EDGE you know.

at least i am at home on the internets, that’s all i can say. residents of the information superhighway need only a flask of tea and a map, and it’s all go. talking of maps, this, just in, from @mockducka map of all the places mentioned in nick cave’s book the death of bunny monroe

i’ve not read it, have any of you? is it good? i like his lyrics, so might be tempted to give it a look. i am pretty familiar with brighton, but any fans who aren’t might really like to peel the little man off and have a skoot around this map. it’s a great idea, right?

dotty headbanger has made another award. here it is. shiny, no? i like how the awards look on the mantlepiece of my blog, i have to say.

as you can see, it’s for being brilliant, which i will own. though it’s not for any specific brilliance on my part, more just because. and really, what better reason than because is there?

alright, here’s the real story, and a NEW award to go with it. i am awarding dotty headbanger a brand new sneakyfucker award for creating an award to get people to click the LIKED button on the post she uses as her front page. if you click through you will see just how effective this shockingly brazen strategy really has been. see all the gravatars! see how many likes! BRIBERY, my friends, that is what we respond to.

so, without further ado, here is the new sneakyfucker award

the laughing fox award for the sneaky use of awards.

this is getting so self referential i’m expecting to create a worm hole right about now.


14 thoughts on “tootling along the information superhighway in a morris minor with a flask of tea and a map

  1. Dear Elaine,


    This is EXCELLENT!

    My 2nd sneakyfucker award – and this time I’ve earned it.

    I’m off to put it on the Award Slut page.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. Ha ha the pics of ‘Hey Girl’ & ‘It’s Madam Secretary’ had me in stitches!

    Also for weeks I’ve not realised I haven’t been paying attention to your headline pic. I thought it was a turtle not a dog!!!

    1. yes! it’s the best of lots of worlds, isn’t it? i am a big fan of comedy, and that hits a real sweet spot.

      it’s my doggie, poppet. for ages i didn’t realize i could have a photo in my headline space, so i was very excited to put something there – in the end it was a bit random, but i think it works.

  3. Poppet? Cute name πŸ™‚

    I keep meaning to update mine, but never seem to get round to it. The pic I’ve got on it now is one I took, but I keep meaning to change it every now & again.

    1. it bothered me when i didn’t have any pictures on my front page because the grey on it’s own seemed a bit funereal. it was the work of moments to stick a picture up there, but it’s taken longer for me to get around to filling out my sidebar and making a sticky post for a front page. i imported my blog from livejournal then deleted most of the posts, just to have a backstory, but yesterday i tidied all that up, too. i was kind of glum yesterday, so didn’t post, so it was something i *could* do.

      it probably isn’t terribly important, it’s better to get blogging.

  4. Ha ha I’ve just sneaked a peek at your Gravatar. The scenic Tottenham riviera sounds wonderful… I bet my Mersey paradise with all the three headed seals wins!

    1. possibly… we don’t have water based mammals, at any rate. just a LOT of swans and other wildfowl.

      it’s really quiet here, like living in a village. it’s a wonder i have ANYTHING to blog about.

      i lived in liverpool as a student, by the way! i went to the art school on hope st.

  5. Well a friend swears down she saw a dolphin once. We’ve all assumed she was drunk, but she’s having none of it…

    How did you like or dislike Liverpool. I won’t be offended if you don’t like the place, I like to hear what people honestly think of my city (it’s mine you know, I own it!).

    1. hah! i know that ‘owning’ feeling well! i feel like that about london. i even had quite a culture shock moving from east london to tottenham.

      i liked liverpool. i lived in quite an art school bubble, though. i didn’t know much of it apart from liverpool 8 and the town centre. from what i have seen on the tv, though, there is still a lot of serious poverty and violence. it makes me sad, because in the early 80’s everywhere was still a bit in the shadow of WW2, and liverpool was no worse than most other places, including london. east london is still ‘rough’ in many people’s eyes, but it has become rather gentrified in a boho kind of a way.

      1. The city centre has changed a lot over the last 10-15 years. Mainly down to the Objective One money we received from the European Union & then the influx of money coming on the back of being awarded Capital of Culture a few years ago..

        It’s hard for me to be objective on the violence side, as I live here, but I assumed all cities are like this. Hmmm maybe I’m being naive here…

        What I’ve noticed in Liverpool is that once there is a shooting, there is a sudden spate of retaliatory shootings over a few weeks & then it all dies down for a while. Thankfully I don’t live in the areas where this tends to take place.

        Well after this tourist promotion folks, come to Liverpool you love it πŸ™‚

        I’m guessing Liverpool & East London still have some media stereotype attached to them. Liverpool, from rioting in the 80’s to East London with the soap East Enders

        1. give a dog a bad name!

          east london is probably somewhat on a par with liverpool for having a reputation stuck on it, but having changed nevertheless. i lived in tower hamlets for 20 years, and watched the area change out of all recognition.

          tottenham, on the other hand… i happen to live in a really nice part, we are cut off by the river, reservoirs, wetlands, parks, train tracks and industrial estates from other places, so it’s a bit different, but like toxteth, tottenham has been ‘home’ of rioting since the early 80’s, and last years riots probably fixed that in a few people’s minds. unlike east london, though, tottenham could not be described as ‘trendy’ by any stretch of the imagination.

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