award for sneaks goes viral. well, not viral AS SUCH…

it’s all go, on the award front! not only am i fairly bristling  with them myself, now, but also! i have had a 200% rise in uptake for the sneakyfucker award!

that is right! i now have THREE recipients!

you may remember, back during sneaky fucker week i gave handflappper this prestigious award after hooching it up on

there she was, minding her own business, accepting some blogging award or other, quite graciously, i thought, while totally declining to fulfill the conditions, when i spotted a way to join in sneaky fucker week without doing any real graft for it. make an award for sneakyfuckery!  it is true that i felt that her handling of the slippery affair of awards was done with the sort of flair only a grade A sneak can boast. have cake, will eat! after all, it’s nice to get an award, and a pain in the butt to then have to slog for it. this is why there are NO CONDITIONS to the acceptance of a sneakyfucker award. NONE. and why i got to join in sneaky fucker week with only a macro to my name. nice.

fast forward to modern times. remember i awarded myself the dotty headbanger award for being mental and loving it? well, she cunningly slithered through my back posts and discovered the sneakyfucker award! through the simple expedient of explaining that she was an award slut and wanted one, she garnered the second ever sneakyfucker award.

meantime, not to be outdone, a new reader, graham, of the bipolar place claimed an award through the simple, but oh-so-effective expedient of flattery. he actually called my blog “COMICAL” and the award “THIS SEASON’S MUST HAVE”.

this, dear readers, is the way to my heart. and that kind of sneakeryness is to be celebrated, i think.

so well done! my newest awardees! may you flourish in your cunning. go forth with your shiny new banner! avast!


9 thoughts on “award for sneaks goes viral. well, not viral AS SUCH…

    1. well, all *you* have to do is cut and paste!

      i could use the sunshine right now, or at least a break in the cyclonic bloody wind outside. poppet has been very miffed today at the weather.

    1. i am really enjoying meeting all these new people. do you know i spent about 7 years getting the same amount of readers on lj as i have done in the past 7 months on wp?

      i love my lj peeps, because we have all known each other for a long time, and it is great to have that network of friends, but i am also loving reading all the new blogs and having new readers all the time. i think it helps me to write better.

    2. Aahh I did wonder where you popped up from. There’s nothing like sneaky fuckers to boost your site stats…

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