winner of a dotty headbanger award for being mental and loving it

you GUYS! you GUYS! i totally WIN at getting awards and this award was the easiest to win! it is the dotty headbanger award for being mental and loving it.

but even so, i am immensely proud of it and will wear it with a full to bursting heart, here on my front page. dotty seems to have come to the end of her tether with the whole award schtick, and has made one for EVERYONE who clicks through innocently from this image on her page

and all i have to do is to answer these simple questions;


1. How many bricks do you own?

2. How many Cumberland sausages can you fit in your mouth without chewing?

3. What is your most inventive way of using biscuits (or cookies if you’re American)?

4. If it was made compulsory to have a mental illness which one would you choose and why? (If you have a mental illness already you have to choose another).

1. there are two bricks balanced on the partition wall between me and my neighbour. doubtless he put them there, but i have this idea about making a brick patio and have had my eye on them ever since i noticed them.

2. only the beginning of one. i have a tiny doll’s mouth and cumberland sausages are BIG.

3. i want to say ‘building a patio’ but i know THAT would end in tears.

4. okay, i like the old timey freudian stories, wolf-man and the like. one that i’ve always been fond of is where the sufferer is convinced their bones have turned into glass. into glass! i ask you. what would the benefits agency make of that?

i can also pass this award on, but since i think the acceptance rate of blog on fire was roughly zero, i think i will follow dotty’s lead and simply say if you click through to her blog and like it enough to stay, give yourself an award.


17 thoughts on “winner of a dotty headbanger award for being mental and loving it

  1. An award well deserved. You do have a way with words and wit. I come from a family (both sides) that has had more than its share of mental problems.. I guess I’m destined to follow the family tradition.Hmmm glass bones??

    1. thank you! i love things that are easy. not big on all the trying.

      i like that you are not allowed to put your real diagnosis – so boring after living with it. the glass bones thing always tickled me.

  2. Dear Elaine,

    Thank you for awarding yourself my award. πŸ™‚

    I was looking through your blog last night and I saw the award you made, your sneakyfucker award, and I WANT ONE. I finally got sucked into accepting an award last week (the Golden Shatner Award) because it’s funny, but yours is funnier – can I have it, please? Is it for widespread use?

    Love Dotty xxx

    1. oh, absolutely! it is an award for anyone who is wriggly enough to get it! and rather special, since you are only the second awardee. the first was handflapper who did something sneaky on her own blog, i forget what, at around the time of #sneakyfuckerweek. i was too lazy to join in sneaky fucker week, since it involved having to write something about being a sneaky fucker, and most people who partook wrote stuff about animal or human behaviour rather than scribbling on their jotters during class or carving their name in their seat. however, i wanted to join in, so i made the award.

      with the power vested in me by cheezeburgers and blogging, i thereby and therefore bestow the handsome trophy of sneakyfuckery upon you. arise! sneaky fucker!

      1. Dear Elaine,

        Thank you, I’m honoured and I’ll treasure my title and the award for life. πŸ™‚

        Are there any rules or regulations to go with the award or can I just give it out to everyone like I did with the Golden Shatner?

        Love Dotty xxx

    1. Dear Elaine,
      Me again. I’ve decided not to give it out in case anyone gets in a mork, but you’ll see what I’ve done when (if) you next visit. πŸ™‚
      Love Dotty xxx

      1. i never expected anyone to want one! but i am glad you do. what i have done is put the image on my sidebar with “HOME OF THE SNEAKY FUCKER AWARD” and i will do some sort of click thru there. so you can link back to me and it will make sense.

        i hope.

  3. I got as far as your first question and started to laugh because..well, when we demolished our Very Unsafe Deck, one of the many things the previous house owners left underneath was concrete blocks.

    I have no idea why. They weren’t supporting anything. They were just…there. Hopefully, they are going to the dump this weekend. Because they will just get in my way of trying to grow something there.

    And I am pretty sure around here if I tried to see how many sausages I could fit in my mouth at one time someone would think i was trying out for a porn film. So.

    1. i inherited a great deal of unwanted paving slabs, myself.

      still, he also left a shed full of tools and a fairly presentable garden, so i can’t complain. you can grow things in the holes in breeze blocks, though.

      i was a bit shocked at the sausage question, myself! but happy to share my favourite mental health condition!

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