colouring books and crayons – indoors on a rainy day

rainy days are not as frequent as you might think. i notice this because i take the dog out, and she really dislikes rain. a lot. staffies do, i know one who refuses to go out in the rain and his owner begs him just to go out and pee.

a proper rainy day is about staying in and making things. to that end, gentle reader, i have collated some rainy day images on tumblr for you to look at.

Nina Leen

hmm, so i’ve just noticed that tumblr do their dates year/month/day which is a really good compromise between the uk day/month/year and the us month/day/year because the month and day look the same as they always do to american eyes and the whole thing can be simply read backwards by a brit. mind you, it could be that i am unusual in finding this comfortable – as a left handed person i spent my life before computers leafing through magazines and books from the back to the front. it must affect your brain. your basic cognition must get rewired, d’you think?


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