olympic serial killer gets happy on oatmeal*

i know, i know. i just blogged. you are sick of me. BUT HEAR ME OUT! i didn’t mean to do that last one, i only did it because of the award.

well, that came out wrong. let me try again. what about i just say I HAVE MORE TO SAY. and that was then, and this is now, and i have things to share with you. things.

and i have only just recovered from the blogs on fire post. i know it wasn’t really all that long, but what with the pictures and words there was a flurry of html, and then there was all the thinking. one way and another i ended up feeling like my eyes had been scraped out with a fork, which means this – too much screen time, muppet!

also, i am most culpable, i have to admit. not only do i take a break from writing by twiddling with the twitter, but also i have been watching back to back episodes of misfits as if they might spontaneously combust if i didn’t hurry up about it. so now i am all done, and am having to live with THE END OF THE WORLD that is life without a much loved series. and it’s not the only one. why does television do this to us? don’t they realize that not everyone has a life? some people need the damn narrative!

anyway, where was i? yes, i had stuff to share. now. this is only going to be interesting to a certain kind of nerdypants, but for that person, this is going to be awesomesauce. here it is the london sound survey it’s all sorts of noises from around london. some of it historical, some culture some nature. that kind of a thing. bit niche, but i liked it.

next up, the mental illness happy hour. it’s an hour and a half, but it’s mental illness so, that’s the least of the weird. this episode is a comedienenenene called morgan murphy. i don’t know if she is famous, she is american. it’s abroad. i only know the USA even really exists because i have been three times. so i am pretty sure it’s real.

i listen to the podcast regularly, have it piped through to my wp reader, and i pretty much always like it. the guests are not always funny, though. as you can imagine.

now then.

i’ve been waiting for a proper critique of the olympic fiasco, and i may have found it. plus, as a bonus, there is a picture that goes with it.

As with previous Olympics, London2012 is being used to cleanse a city of its poor
(cease fire magazine)

being a bit brain dead, i can’t remember where it showed up – in my fb feed i think. but i soon passed it on. there’s a bit of an olympic themed strop going on on twitter, but it’s a lot about the various sociopolitical issues that are currently going on rather than providing – well, what this piece provides. so i helpfully passed it on to the protesty types, because i am good like that.

furthermore! the oatmeal has helpfully written/drawn a guide to how to get more likes on facebook.

it’s funny.

and this just in

also funny.

okay, i think i can let you go for the time being.

*title courtesy of ten.


33 thoughts on “olympic serial killer gets happy on oatmeal*

  1. Hey, I wrote about ASSASSIN NUNS and the Oatmeal did not like my page on facebook. <.< That's close to cage fighting nuns, right?

    Anyway, I have some friends in London that are super pissed about the Olympics, more specifically all of the twats taking up space on the public transportation.

    That Dalek Relaxation Tape is fantastic.

    1. bloody oatmeal. fancy them not popping over for a spot of liking. rude, i call it.

      also quite specifically, at a time when extraordinary cuts are being levied on the poorest in society, the olympics is coming in at 10 times it’s budget, and it’s all big business that is benefiting. i remember, in the last games, there being some coverage of the locals trying to protest and being quashed, and thinking that it was because china was a totalitarian regime. feeling quite smugly sorry for them. fast forward to now, and we have had riots and protests, increased surveillance, what have you. i am NOT SO DAMN SMUG now.

      the dalek thing is hilarious, isn’t it? a friend sent it to me today, i loved it.

          1. There’s some really neat stuff in her shop!

            My boys and I are probably going to do a bunch of re-watching to get ready for the new series this fall.

            1. yeah, it’s a good idea to limber up – so you at least know what was happening just before the next series. although there are not many story arcs, and episodes tend to be quite stand alone, there’s enough. i believe i am up to date, but might join you in a bit of a recap.

              cat’s only been doing these quite recently, they seem to be flying off the etsy shop.

              1. Well, my youngest boy (5) doesn’t like to watch the Doctor if the episode doesn’t feature Eccleston or Rose. The 6 and 12 y/o will watch any, but the oldest is a huge fan of Smith. I got him that Van Gogh TARDIS exploding poster and hung it above his computer, he was so excited.

                For his birthday last year, we just snuggled up and watched a bunch of old episodes (he loves Davison now). I love that he’s still all about hanging out with me, I hope he doesn’t change his mind any time soon.

                1. have you seen any of the torchwood series? they are less expensively made, but are a spin off from the main dr who stories. also, there are some radio spin offs too, which might be available somewhere… it’s all bbc.

                  1. We have Torchwood in our instant queue. Oldest boy has watched a few, but we haven’t sat down to watch them all yet. Soon. When the withdrawals get to be too much.

                    1. it’s good to have something up your sleeve.

                      for some reason lots of things i have been watching are cruelly ending just now. the misfits thing was my own fault. (there is lots of swearing and lots of sex in the misfits. and a lot of killing. so not one to share with the kidlings.) all of it had been on tv, so i wasn’t drip fed it. i simply gobbled it up like the idiot i am.

                    2. No, I’m the same way with things I love. I watched the first four seasons of Mad Men in a week last summer, just so I could be caught up, then had the interminable wait for new stuff.

                    3. it may come to you as no surprise, then, to know that i never keep biscuits in the house, and i have never learned to make cake for much the same reason.

  2. This was a fantastic post. Glad to read it every chance I get. You definitely have a flare for writing and I enjoy the great insights to life across the pond and halfway around the world from me.

    1. oh, thank you! that’s very kind!

      i think i made a mistake making my wp blog into a feed instead of just crossposting it to livejournal – i miss hearing from my friends there. still reading, though!

      1. I use Dreamwidrth to crosspost to livejournal and have most blog feeds go to my email. I still interact in all forums. You are doing a fine blog.

        1. thank you. i appreciate that.

          i am trying to do something different with this blog than with the lj. i am enjoying having new people read me, it’s like having an editor. makes me think about whether what i have written is intelligible to a new reader or not. lj is more like a group penpal thing, i have known everyone so long.

  3. You can NEVER post too much. No one will get sick of you!

    I work with a British woman. She is SO UPSET about the Olympics coming to London. She talks to me about it daily. And she doesn’t even live there anymore!

    Also, yay for that Oatmeal post! I am filled with awesome, I’m sure the likes are on the way any day now.

  4. I have been saying this to all the British people I know complaining about the Olympics. It was the same for Sydney 2000: in the months leading up to it, we heard nothing but Olympics, and it was all woe about the tickets, the venues not being ready, homeless being moved on, how awful it was all going to be and what a waste of money it all was, right up to the opening ceremony. Then it started, and I can honestly not remember two better weeks in the public life of Australia. Nothing but good news for a fortnight, and everyone was so happy. It was brilliant. I hope yours turns out the same.

    1. i really do hope so, though it has all the potential to totally blow up, here, as well.

      i am right on the edge of it, here on the river lea. though if there is unrest i won’t have a ringside seat, except in the virtual sense. i must say i am interested in seeing how things unfold in general. being a stickybeak.

  5. I love love love the London sound survey. I am wasting a lot of time there. Thanks for that. Really, you can imagine stories that go with the sounds.
    As far as the Olympics go, the insanity of building new venues that serve no purpose past the big event just doesn’t make any sense, ever.
    And please write more.

    1. aha! so YOU were the nerdypants – i knew someone would LOVE that link!

      most of the event itself has been built on a massive brownfield site, but on the other side of the motorway is a whole lot of common land and nature reserves. the local council sneaked a paper through at xmas time for a basketball pitch to be built on this land (blog about the protests here http://saveleytonmarsh.wordpress.com/our-cause/) and have agreed to a campsite on the MARSHES. yes. MARSHES. great place to camp, good luck to them. and good luck to us when the infrastructure of the marsh is ruined and our wildfowl have nowhere to mate/nest/whatever they do next year. if you want to read even more blood boiling issues here’s another link! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17525402

      – thanks! it seems as if i have more to say lately, and there’s even more to come. i have a post begging to be written already and i have only just posted this one!

  6. What with searching for URLs, coming up with seven awesome things and much useage – and correcting of – html, it took me nearly THREE HOURS to write my Blog On Fire entry. I felt as though a Dalek had suckered out my eyeballs, seriously.

    Also, I R Thick. I still haven’t worked out how to embed Youtube vids. I wanted to use that Dalek one last week but didn’t know how 😦

    1. this, i can help you with. go into the html version of the blog you are writing (at the top, you get two tabs, visual and html) and have my blog open in another tab. click the ‘watch on youtube’ button on the vid, click share>embed – it gives you a short link immediately, i don’t think they give you more than a link, though i may be wrong, but clicking on embed gives you the html for the whole thing. cut and paste it into your blog and swap back to ‘visual’. you can test it worked by clicking on ‘preview’.

            1. well done.

              i get so frustrated with tech. i know very little. i really wanted to storify my next post, but damned if i can understand how to make a post there.

              1. Whilst doing my links for Blog On Fire, I discovered that some sites add a cheeky &amp thing to screw up linkage. I look out for that now!

                When you say “storify” what do you mean? Anything I can help with?

                    1. i really think so. it is perfect for issue based blogging, rolling news stories, themed posts where you want to grab a bunch of conversations and have them stay live. have a look at some of the things people have done already. AND if you work out the tech, feel free to share any insights! (there are some youtube vids, but i didn’t find them that useful. i think i am just missing *something*.)

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