no tax on tampons! troops out now!

when i was a young thing i used to be very politically active. i mean, i still have an opinion, and i still sign petitions and prompt my dear friends on the internet to sign too. i am following the stuff about the nhs and workfare and occupy, but i couldn’t actually go on a march, it’s all i can do to exercise my lazy brown dog.

we evidently have a budget announcement imminent, since people are tweeting about cigarettes and tampons. yes. tampons are taxed as a luxury in the uk.

in the 67 student marches in europe a popular chant was ho ho ho chi minh. fatigued by the earnestness of those around them, the somewhat anarcho madchops situationists used to chant hot hot hot chocolate instead. when i went on marches in the 80’s they were quite often trade union or political group led. so what would happen is that if you couldn’t honestly walk with the wheel tappers and shunters or the socialist worker’s party then you had to walk at the back with the raggle taggle band of anarchists.

situationist graffiti "it is forbidden to forbid"

having experienced this a few times, and being that i was an art student and a bit of a fan of the situationists and a bit of an anarcho-feminist (whatever that actually was) i liked to chant no tax on tampons, troops out now! because it had a bit of va va voom about it. thinking on it now, you could still use that chant. there’s still a luxury tax on tampons and although ireland is not the hot potato it was in the 80s we certainly have troops abroad bleeding our money and propping up the work of the 1%.

here’s a little ditty i remember from my days as a student in liverpool in the 80s. the butcher’s apron.

so, what else is new? well, i have been ATTEMPTING to get my poor brain around some advanced bloggery. for a kick off, thanks to amy at lucy’sfootball i now have a blogroll.

(lookatit! lookatit! it’s right here on my page, to the right)

if i have failed to mention you on it and you want to be on, let me know.

i had also become a bit fed up of not knowing how to embed tweets, so she kindly told me, and when i actually get around to doing it i will share, i dare say. however, the reason i have not got straight onto it, like i did with the blogroll is that i got sidetracked by storify.

when ken at lahikmajoe took us to berlin on twitter he also posted on storify. now, the way that twitter and other social media works on storify is a WHOLE NEW THINGY THING, YOU GUYS! i didn’t notice it at first, but all the live stuff is still live – so you can reply to or retweet tweets, for instance from a storify story! so then, of course, i got TOTALLY waylaid into trying to work that stuff out. i mean, it’s different from a regular blogging platform in that you don’t get to personalize your blogging with visual themes, but when i read this post from dr no cuts i suppose my cursor just must have landed on a tweet and i realized i could re-tweet it right there and then! the excitement! i can’t tell you. it is not an easy learning curve, and i haven’t posted a story yet, but i will. it seems particularly appropriate for political or current affairs kinds of topics, and is quite a different kind of blogging, and i feel a little sick thinking about how fab it could be.

so, and relax. here’s a picture of a swan i took this morning.

and that’s all for now.  ooh, except, perhaps, to say – do check your fire alarms. if you don’t believe it’s important read this cautionary tale from our friend andreas, who might only be alive because of the power of baby’s lungs.

11 thoughts on “no tax on tampons! troops out now!

  1. doesn’t bear thinking about really. what is VAT 17.5% now?

    i’m taking my camera out with me, but wrangling the dog takes most of the time. that one coming out nicely was more of a happy accident than anything.

  2. I want to march around all angrily and chant about hot chocolate. I think I would be very good at that. I like hot chocolate. And I’m already angry about a variety of things.

    YAY for dominating the interwebs!

    If you figure out Storify, let me know. Once tax season takes its teeth out of my butt, I might do research into it. TOO MENTALLY EXHAUSTED RIGHT NOW. Urgh.

    1. you would LOVE the situationists.

      i do intend getting a bit of a handle on storify. i am encouraged by ken having used it already, but i am a bit discouraged by the tech discussions where everyone is talking about stuff that doesn’t work yet. i am, however, convinced that it will all get sorted out – it’s too good an idea and it’s still early days.

    1. indeedy!

      i tried to do the fancy blogroll like you have but became dispirited, then tried to do a regular one and couldn’t figure it out. i am quite pleased with it now, though.

      swans are not the worst waterfowl round here, from my point of view as someone on the end of the lead of a staffie. the gentlest inhabitant is the heron, and sometimes we walk past it when it is on the grass verge without poppet making it fly off. the canada geese generally make a big to do and she does leap towards them, but they know her modus operandi and land just behind her (she seems to have no concept of going backwards for anything). the ducks are more or less the same, and the swans can’t easily get up to the verge because they take so long to take off and land, so they tend to be all mouth and no trousers. there is this one goose, though, i think it is a greylag, and he and his partner seem to live on the verge on the towpath. every time we go past the male flaps it’s wings, sticks it’s orange plasticky tongue out and hisses at poppet. she is a game little dog, and wants to fight the damn thing. i nominate him as the meanest bird on the canal.

  3. Now, I’m going to have to a blogroll. You included all of my favourite blogs. Maybe my blogroll will just direct people to come look at yours.

    I really enjoyed the music you included. I played it multiple times while I was reading other things.

    Storify *is* really fun. I’d storify everything if I wasn’t so accustomed to just throwing things up on twitter. Oh, and some days I want to audioboo everything.

    1. You need to Audioboo more things! I like listening to all of you. It’s like you’re in my house, only I don’t want to hide in the closet because I’m scared of socially interacting with you. Also, I want to hear you say the word “Poing” so I know if I’m saying it right.

    2. it didn’t take long once i followed amy’s instructions. i just ganked my favourites out of her blogroll, apart from the slaughterhouse 90210 which is my favourite tumblr. i follow her on twitter too, i think she’s a smart cookie, even if i don’t get all her cultural references.

      i always liked that song – i think the image of a butcher’s apron is so strong. and it’s a catchy tune, too.

      i am soooo behind. i haven’t done an audioboo yet, either. i’m fascinated by storify, it’s a real paradigm shift.

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