ten things not all about ten

1. yesterday i sent ten out today with a shoelace from my trainers tied around his wrist. i told him it’s like a friendship bracelet but with more nagging involved. clearly it didn’t work. let me crowdsource – how should i get ten to prioritize my shoelaces in his life?

2. tuesday i uploaded a guided meditation i made on monday. i did it in my neighbour stephen’s recording booth – a cupboard in his hall that he has decked out in soundproofing. unfortunately he did this before a family with a toddler moved in… however, he cleaned off the sound of bumpy running overhead and here it is; http://soundcloud.com/elaine4queen/elaine-guidedmeditation-01 it’s a sliver over 20 mins and is a body scan meditation. if you follow me elsewhere i dare say you are sick of hearing about it, but i promise this will be an end to me banging on about it. i made it for a friend, but having done it i thought i would share it around. it’s not perfect, but i get into my stride.

now, i’ve had a little bit of feedback on this, and i have to tell you people across the pond I AM NOT POSH! i intend to prove this through the medium of audioboos in the near future. hold your seat.

3. someone on fb is late to the party that is poppet, so i looked out a couple of old blog links about her. this is her debut on the livejournal group dogsintraining for anyone who would like her backstory. and if you would like to see a clutch of photos like this;

i have unlocked an antique livejournal post featuring a clutch of such snaps. (i ported lj over here when i set it up, but then went through it deleting pretty much everything, and this one got lost and didn’t make the cut. i locked down my lj after that because i didn’t want to delete the whole account but it’s not exactly readerly. you’re welcome.)

4. yesterday my good friend terri from new york city came to stay on her way to a conference in manchester. we had a mahoosive mega debrief conversation with many meanderings last night and took it up again this morning. she is currently having a little nappy nap in the bedroom with poppet while i pretend to tidy up while really i am arsing around on the interweb. suddenly a wordpress post i have had idling on my desktop for two days is now urgent when there are TASKS to be done. funny how that works.

so, i have quizzed terri and i am finding that douchecanoe has not made it into common parlance. what is up with that? don’t the bloggess and lucysfootball say it enough? what is going on there?

5. television. all i can say about justified is that I NEVER WANT IT TO END. also, i now have a very particular idea of what life is like in texas and i don’t want any of you telling me different.

plus! bromance!


6. also, while we are looking at yootoob, it has come to my attention that not everyone has heard this song;

it was a staple of my yoof, and has come into my mind lately. what with ALL THE POLITICS going on just now. plus, it’s good.

7. you might be feeling a little flabby in your mind. so here’s something you can have a think about. terri’s friend, academic, marta rabikowska, said this one time;

“love is structured like a paranoia.”

i became obsessed with it, it was like a thought virus, or the thinking version of an earworm. a mindworm if you will.

answers in the comments or by tweetogram.

8. another marta catch phrase is “dahlink, but we know about this”. which is all about when she is comforting you for your upsets and paranoias and when you gulp out the old standards she says dahlink. but we know about this. and then IT IS ALL ALRIGHT. because WE KNOW ABOUT THIS.

9. so how are you liking the ten pointed post? is it something that gives you jazz hands or is it just so much so much?

10. well, if it is, then not to worry, because this is the last one. thank you for bearing with, and i will be along shortly with some more tosh.


9 thoughts on “ten things not all about ten

    1. wait! wait!

      nonononono!!! i just meant that was the last nodal point in that 10 pointed post. there will DEFINITELY be more! it’s a favourite posting style.

      hey, you know, i just clicked on your fb link, and i can’t see how to friend you. and there are a few people with your name, so could you friend me? i am Elaine Axten IRL

  1. Yay for all of this! Yay bromance! Yay for Poppet, who I totally want to snuggle! Yay for me and The Bloggess mentioned in the SAME SENTENCE (gulp! whoa!)

    Is posh a BAD thing? I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. I thought it was good. You don’t have to be posh if you don’t want to be posh. You can be whatever the opposite of posh is. You choose. YOU SOUND FANCY AND CULTUREY.

    1. it’s not that it is BAD per se, but more just that while i may be fairly well spoken i don’t speak the properly posh way (received pronunciation).

      i humbly accept your description of “fancy and culturey” and may have cards printed with that written on them.

      1. Those would be excellent cards. I approve.

        There’s a proper posh way? My, but there are a lot of things in the world I don’t know.

        I like YOUR way of speaking much better than any PROPER posh way. Let’s redefine posh and have it mean YOU.

        1. there are lots of RULES about received pronunciation – see the wikipedia article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Received_Pronunciation

          as a rule of thumb, if you could be a bbc news reader then you probably speak in RP, or as close to it as anyone bothers with now. it used to be that actors from the provinces would learn it and abandon their regional accents – hence the sort of accent the protagonists have in such films as brief encounter http://youtu.be/a0CosTboBz8

  2. …but it does give me jazz hands. Which then makes it awkward to type in a response, as typing with my nose is awkward at best, and the ferrets only tap keys that have ferretone on them, but in no particular order.


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