they call me dogtastic

me say me bombastic.


well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later – that you would be subjected to multiple pictures of my little bobbit. i just had to show you these ones. ten thinks i can EASILY make an animated gif from them, but you know, i have never made one before, so i have fear.

whooop! i’ve done it! here it is;

create an animated gif
Create an animated gif

i thought it was funny enough that poppet seems to have taken to sitting on the lounger, though not in the standard way. then i just started taking shots and these two wound up on my camera.

please forgive the scruffy yard. i did do some tidying after the fact… though not all that much, i will admit.

so what else have i been doing? yesterday i watched the baader meinhof complex. here’s the trailer.

i loved it. it made me think a lot, and it also made me believe i could understand german, which is what i love about subs, giving my mind a treat, like that. the politics seemed really contemporary to me, i could really relate to it. and further more! women being equally involved, writing stuff and shooting guns – not just being molls! smashing! made me realize how seldom you see women portrayed like that.

things are rather hotting up here in london between occupy, protests against workfare, and police hysteria in the lead up to the olympics. in the summer, during the riots the police showcased these portable metal walls. i kid you not.

assuming people plan on protesting during the olympics, i can only imagine the police will get their money’s worth with this ultimate kettling device.

a friend of mine was recently taking photos in east london, and got stopped under the prevention of terrorism act for his troubles. for taking photos. i ask you.

before i get my blood pressure too boily, lets move on to a gentler topic. on the internet i have been following the linguists’ fascination with ‘vocal fry’. i seem to be a little late to the party, but in case you have been living in a cave, like me, here’s a cute little video about it.

it seems that it’s not all about teen girls cannibalizing language, not that i am against such things, but actually quite a widely used singing style, utilized in country and western, heavy metal, and, unsurprisingly, perhaps, throat singing.

in a twist of fate THE UNIVERSE is playing a little joke on me, by getting my fry on through the medium of a cold. i now sound like marge simpson’s fag smoking sisters. presumably, if the lady on the video is right, this is what these friars are likely to end up sounding like in later life.

lissen, i am aware that this is now at least three different blog posts, and i haven’t even told you about handflapper graciously accepting the sneakyfucker award.

what can i say? my mind is in disarray.


11 thoughts on “they call me dogtastic

  1. I love the poppet pictures – the metal walls not so much. The only time I have seen walls like that – on a smaller scale, actually, was last Sept and they threw up temp flood walls at the end of the bridges around here.

    They didn’t work, but still, it was a good thought. Uh, the national guard with rifles were effective in keeping people off the bridges, generally though.

    Anyway the vocal fry thing drives me nuts – I think it makes woman sound whiny. Gah. I always want to strangle people when they talk that way.

    1. poppet is a constant source of amusement. i could probably blog about her every day.

      i am a strong believer in peaceful protest, but i think they are asking for trouble with these metal walls. when protesters are rushed by horseback police, attacked and kettled, they do respond with violence. this whole metal wall thing combined with the recent forced labour ‘workfare’ and other things like the dismantling of the nhs are creating a pressurized atmosphere. frankly, anything could happen. lots of people are becoming more active and politicized.

      i have not heard the vocal fry fad IRL, but i can imagine it is really annoying. it sounds to me like the speaker is saying ‘i am so tired of how ironic everything is’ but without being in the slightest bit witty.

  2. The Poppet. What a sweetheart. Ella wants to play.

    And the thing with the ‘vocal fry’…I don’t think I want to know about that. Luckily it hasn’t come to my corner of Germany.

    That film incidentally is really quite well-made. It was an intriguing time in German history. The political things that happened then are still very influential when it comes to politics and social issues today.

    1. ooh, she’d love that! she likes dogs as big or bigger than her as playmates. she is almost stunningly medium sized. she looks like a giant among little dogs and a pygmy with big ones. one of her favourites is a rottie named bruno. he is about four times her size, and squishes her when they play, but she always goes back for more.

      with any luck we will avoid the vocal fry phenomenon. best not to speak to any young people for, say, the next ten years. just to be safe.

      i thought it was a great film. it had both a story arc worthy of fiction and a sense of veracity. i haven’t seen many german films. the other one that springs to mind is ‘the lives of others’ which was great, and the feature length commentary was fascinating as well. a real passion project.

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