dishonourable mentions

i was terribly miffed to have missed out on #sneakyfuckerweek. i wasn’t in a fit state to be posting, but i kept having lots of ideas, just not the energy and general va va voom to generate a worthy post.

it would seem that more than one of my ideas has to do with small furry rodents. what i really wanted to post about was tv’s meerkat manor, and the dreadful pickle flower’s daughter got into when her mum decided to move house without her, and subsequent dreadful debacle when she had a sneaky shag with a suitor from the other meerkat gang, and not only was abandoned to starve with her babies by him, but also by her own family. she was one unlucky sneakyfucker. and what a horrible society where only the dominant female is allowed to have pups/kittens. anyway, the series wasn’t available to look at, and it was on so long ago i have forgotten such detail as would make a decent post.

however. yes. i have something sneaky to offer at last. the #sneakyfucker AWARD!

this was inspired by handflapper‘s post wherein an award is accepted. the award itself is an example of sneakyfuckery in that it’s more of a meme than anything else, and rather nobly handflapper declines passing it on to others. at least this particular chain letter didn’t involve extorting money or threats of voodoo like chain letters of olden years used to. but pyramid selling and chain letters have to be considered sneaky in the extreme. taking the bull by the horns, handflapper offers her own brand of sneak – by basing her post (the cost of accepting the award) entirely on the blogger who awarded her. so, rather than generate a list of ‘things no one knows about you’ from the depths of her soul, she used the topics suggested by the previous awardee. (is ‘awardee’ a word? make it so.)

without further ado, here, then, is the award i made from a stolen image and the cheezeburger macro maker.

while i respectfully offer this award to handflapper, to do with whatever she wishes, i would also like to give a dishonourable mention to the anonymous generator of all that is pyramid. and all who copy the form.

you are sneaky fuckers, and this award goes out to you.

ETA sorry for any confusion. i entirely forgot to mention weasels, the creature i have used for the award. i intended to write something amusing as a play on the joke; ‘what’s the difference between a weasel and a stoat? a weasel is weasely wecognizable, a stoat is stoatally different’. but i forgot. please forgive me.

15 thoughts on “dishonourable mentions

  1. wow, I have it never occurred to me to give someone such an award, and the thought is sort of epic! Huh!

    One of my friends this past christmas season received the most bizarre collection of gifts from her in-laws – it was, as she said, as if she had just eloped into the family instead of being a DIL for 10+ years.

    One gift was a set of three meekrat lawn ornaments. Not only does she not DO lawn ornaments, generally, but they were the creepiest damn things we had every seen. They were clearly what someone had in mind if someone had been watching the Walking Dead while making them.

    Which is really wrong because they should be CUTE darn it. ..of course now that I do a search, I see that there are some really awful meekrat garden statues out there. *shudder*

    1. well, you’d think they were cute, but after watching their antics for a few episodes i started calling them the ‘little bastards’.

      if you are interested in all things sneaky fucker, do follow the hashtag and read some of the #sneakyfuckerweek blogs, they are hilarious.

  2. This. Is. The. Best. Award. I. Have. Ever. Been. Given. Well, except for my college scholarship, but this is a very close second. I think I want to marry you now.

    1. oh, i am pleased!

      plus, without any intent on your part, this gets both of us under the #sneakyfucker wire, in quite the sneakiest way.

      also, if we get married that’s green cards all round. not that there’s any work in the uk just now, but you never know when a dual passport might come in handy.

  3. Hee! I love this award and I LOVE that you sneaky-fuckered into Sneaky Fucker week! We totally are happy to have you. We had so much fun with Sneaky Fucker week that, as far as I’m concerned, it can be Sneaky Fucker YEAR. Or LIFETIME. I loved Sneaky Fucker week, seriously.

    This is an EXCELLENT addition to Sneaky Fucker week! Hooray!

  4. Please may I be gifted the Sneakyfucker Award? After reading about this, firstly on Dotty Headbangers Blog which forwarded me here, it does appear to be this seasons must have.

    I was just thinking this morning, “damn, I’m seeing other bloggers bragging about hitting the 100 post mark & when I’ve checked out their blog they’ve got all kinds of awards. wtf!!” So I think on “Harumphh, well if I get nominated for an award, I’ll ignore it in attempt to cut off ones honker”

    Now after reading about the Sneakyfucker Award, I’ve decided to wage war on the legitimate award blogging community with an attempt of sneakiness that only Baldrick could call cunning…

    1. that is a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel, indeed.

      please feel free to award yourself the sneakyfucker award. as far as i can usefully see, most of the awards going around are basically modern day chain letters. and chain letters are a bloody nuisance. this is why there are no conditions attached to this award. have at it, young man!

  5. I like the way you think. I just got one of those awards and was like, finally, an award, but then I saw I had to do work for it, like tell about myself (which I do on my blog anyway whether people like it or not) and I was supposed to link to other bloggers, which is fine, but it’s a bloody pain to go find the links so I haven’t done it yet. You say this one has no strings? I like it. Plus I want a pic of a sneaky meercat on my blog.

    1. welcome to the elite world of sneakyfuckerdom!

      there’s a choice of two awards, that one and the foxy one – simply lift and apply!

      i’m flattered that you want a sneakyfucker award, i’ve just tidied up my sidebar so the awards are not OBVIOUS any more. the two sneakyfucker awards can be found on the AWARDS page.

    2. oh, and if you write a post warmly accepting whichever award you give yourself and link back to me or give me a heads up, i will mention you in my awards page.

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