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in my last post my fashion predictions for 2012 i told you what i expected to get from my imminent trip to TK MAXX.

“But nothing disturbs the feeling of specialness like the presence of other human beings feeling identically special.” ― Jonathan Franzen, Freedom

(photo and quote put together by slaughterhouse 90210, click through pic to see this great tumblr)

did you spot my mistake? yes. you’re right. TK MAXX is the modern version of a jumble sale. you can’t really predict what you’re going to get. not based on what was in the shops and on the streets last summer anyway, as it turns out. obvs, if i had hauled myself off to the actual shops that sold said breton inspired tops and orchestra pit dresses i might have stood a better chance, but who wants to go INTO TOWN? not me.

as it was, i did very well. as a young thing full of the joys of clobber (and at art school, i might add) i LOVED clothes and happily went on buses all over the place to hit three jumble sales in a day. i would come home flushed with excitement, having forgotten most of what i had bought, so would have a fine time rediscovering and trying on my haul. happy days. happy days when i didn’t mind being a bit uncomfortable in my clothes as long as i looked AMAZING which i did, since i was skinny as a whippet and looked good in anything.

nowadays i am not skinny, i am not young, and i want to be very comfortable in my clothes. but having been a fashionista i am a bit picky about what i look like even so. so the trick is all about looking presentable (in my version of what that is) as well as being secretly as comfy as hell.

i have no wish to mock people who wear track suit bottoms, but i am not one of them. it’s a whole look, and i don’t do it. plus, i have seen trackie bottoms up close, and fail to believe that the heavily concertinaed waistband of thick material could be any kind of comfy on my waist, which is both fattish and highly sensitive.

SO. enter the yoga pant. having actually done yoga for several years, i had a working introduction to this garment. i can tell you that it is hard to find an uncomfortable pair of yoga pants. also, they are cut nicely, made of breatheable material, have a little flare rather than the runner’s max wall effect footless tight look, and sometimes they also come with what is known as a ‘soft’ waistband, which is every kind of comfy you can think of.

happily, you actually can bet on TK MAXX to have yoga pants. perhaps especially this time of year when everyone who has more money than sense or a highly developed sense of new year’s resolutionitis is hitting the shops for sports gear. this, at any rate, worked in my favour. i got three pairs of yoga pants and a pair of max walls for wearing with boots instead of leggings because they had a soft top, and as you have just seen, i am all about the soft.

not only did i win at buying legwear in a general sense, but also, two of them were from an ‘eco’ company, and are super soft due to having bamboo as one of the fibres. bamboo is FAB in textiles if you like soft. i actually have some bamboo towels, and they are not only soft but also super light. despite the vaunted eco credentials, they were not stupid enough to forego a dose of elastine, which would have been a deal breaker. i spent the late 80s in leggings which bagged out at the knee after a short while of wearing and i have no interest in turning back that particular clock.

obviously, i did not turn up at the shop and head straight for the sensibles. i tried on a handful of dresses first. awful, they were. experimental side satisfied i was happy to get on task. after getting my yoga pantage sorted out i headed for shoes in the vain hope that my perfect pair of walking boots would be waiting for me in a little bubble invisible to all but me, but it was not to be so. i tried on some serious trudgers which were designed to be totally impervious to wet, and if i lived somewhere where snow was more guaranteed then i might have given in to temptation, but i couldn’t justify their expense, and bought a pair of trainers instead.

reader, i seriously didn’t already own a pair. i know you went straight to “another pair of trainers, who needs more than one?” but it was a genuine gap in my wardrobe. i’d spent the past year or two living in MBTs, which, i can report, are generally comfy, but if you ‘off road’ to the slightest extent you will go over on your ankle. moving to what passes for ‘the country’ in my mind (zone three, i mean, it’s nearly outer london, i have a suburban landline number!) i wanted a proper pair of walking shoes next. as it happens i ended up with some timberlands which are okay, though not the walking boot of my dreams. the transition was remarkably painful, MBTs give you this rocking gait, and it makes a whole slew of small muscles lazy. however, the timberlands have a rigid sole, so another compensation. i have worn the trainers twice, now, to take the dog out. and my but isn’t it nice to have a full action including the toes? i am really enjoying the stretch of just that simple addition of articulating the toes.

post shop, i am heavily fantasizing about going back and doing more. but winning at shopping is also about knowing when to stop. when i lived in bethnal green i had a street market nearby which sold french connection, toast, farhi, and great plains stuff for super cheaps. often, i could get three things for a tenner, so a total wardrobe overhaul for twenty quid. i have to remember that although TK MAXX is cheap, it’s not that cheap.

so anyway, that’s all the fashion news. i didn’t get a slew of stripey tops, i did get enough yoga pants to stay comfortable, both mentally and physically, for the near future. i didn’t get walking boots, but then i believe i might have to go to a shop where they have a selection of them to really get the dream boot sorted out, but i did get trainers, and everyone needs trainers. i did not get any number of fancy bits of tat that i would have to hide from @tenyen.

i win at shopping.


4 thoughts on “moar fashion news

  1. Fashion blogging is a highly specialized area that I’m not particularly familiar with, but I do see you were able to get a good solid dog-reference into the post. . .

    1. i did know a whippet once. he slept in my bed, farting continuously. bless him.

      i don’t read fashion blogs, but klout suggested i might be influential about fashion so i decided to oblige. this is my second one. i quite like it! though since i shop for clothes very seldom, and now live in a suburb away from the hipsters i doubt i will have any staying power. next, i might blog about cars, since klout has insisted i have been influential about them for ages. it’ll take a hell of a lot of trumping up, though. at least i wear clothes.

      thanks for reading! one more read for the yoga pants! makes me feel proud. still, i am glad i asked all those dog trainers about the vaccine thing, even though it will be like doing a pHd trying to make sense of it all.

  2. ‘at least i wear clothes’…am so glad this doesn’t make me think I can write about fashion.

    And the farting whippet? If you had a Dachshund Blog like mine, that be a whole category of blogposts.

    1. but what does Klout say about it? i mean, i feel duty bound to write a car blog next.

      i am more interested in how real people wear clothes than fashion itself. i did teach at london college of fashion for a year, though. in a former life.

      dear blue. and, you know, when i moved out i realized how stinky my duvet was and foolishly had it dry cleaned. cost the same as buying a new one. nice dog though, i used to hold his chest, say ‘ready steady go’ and let him loose and he’d skite up the polished floor of the hall like it was a slippery racetrack.

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