my fashion predictions for 2012

yesterday ‘klout’ informed me that i was ‘probably influential’ about fashion. i don’t know if there is anything in the history of the internet more useless than ‘klout’ but if there is i certainly don’t even want to know about it. klout has insisted, for some time, that i am influential about cars. reader, i am NOT. i haven’t driven in a decade. and i have never owned a new car, only had cast offs. call that ‘being influential’ if you like, robot, but you clearly know me even less well than your friends the bots on twitter who now follow me because i slipped up and said something about a *thing*.


pay attention! fashion news ahead!

i predict!


that i will mostly be buying whateveritis that other people got fed up buying last year and is now languishing in the heavily discounted section.

and, to be perfectly honest, i don’t mind. relying on prices being at rock bottom, it saves me money and it saves me having to use my imagination and “choose” stuff. and i think that, for once, i am not in that much of a minority. i am long past being gamine and am fed up wearing all black. i tried it. all that happens is that you get to a critical point in your wardrobe where you actually can’t see any of your clothes.

Auguste Raynaud (1854 - 1937) Night

plus, although black hides a multitude of sins, we are not all goths or teaching at the london school of fashion. CAST IT OFF! i say. or at least, cast some of it off and wear something else to break up the monotony.

as well as being “womanly” shaped, i am also “mature” I WILL BE 50 IN 2012!

i know. settle down.

this means a few things. crucially, for me to be a credible ‘influence’ on fashion theory and ponderings, i have seen fashion’s cycles come round a few times and i know that you can be devoted to a fabric or a style, and it can be “yours” until it comes into fashion and by the next year your whole look is OVER for everyone, but most especially, you. this is upsetting the first time it happens, but at a certain point you think hang on if i like this stuff and probably the best of it will be remainedered by the end of the season i can clean up.

hence, i have historically been happy to see tartan come in to fashion, for instance, and this year we get a really nice picking. summer 2011 saw versions of that classic coco chanel pinch, the breton shirt, all over the place. i will be snaffling myself some of those, which i will wear for a DECADE – forget a ‘year’.

::happy sigh::

another thing that was popular last summer that is still showing up in sales is black maxi dresses. there were quite a few maxi dresses around altogether, but i found the black version rather startling. people were wearing it as a day dress, and it just looked as though there were people who belonged in an orchestra pit who had lost their way to the west end wandering all over london.

oi, love, stage door’s that way i wanted to shout at them.

given that these frocks will now be under twenty quid on the racks of TK MAXX i think i might invest. they are made of t shirt material, so quite comfy, and i can see myself gardening in one.



14 thoughts on “my fashion predictions for 2012

    1. i really can’t say. i have been known to whine about not having won a campervan yet from the competition on my cereal box, but i have very little to say about cars in general.

  1. As for cars, I don’t think you can go wrong by advising people to buy a Jaguar if they can. That’s timeless car advice.

    As for fashion, I pretty much dismiss people immediately from my Serious Consideration mental list if they are those all black people. I always want to tell them to grow up. Unless they are teens, in which I case I want to tell them yay! keep not growing up!. Or, unless they *are* goth, or even lolita, and are putting the effort into an All Black Fashion Statement that is *dramatic* then I am okay with that. But those chronic black pants black shirt people just bore me, like if they haven’t advanced past that stage, what *else* are they dragging along from adolescence? Unless they are Michael Kors. I’m alright with him.

    1. yes.

      i have a fantasy about living in the country and having an old powder blue jag, and driving to the station to pick up visitors, but having them get in the back because ducks are nesting on the front seat.

      nearly there! got the ducks, anyway!

      there are other ‘uniforms’ other than the black thing. i am good with jeans as long as there is a dose of lycra in the denim. one of my aims in life is to find some sort of easy top to wear that i can completely get away with not wearing a bra with and is totally comfortable. that would be a serious win.

    1. i am a bit camera shy, but lets see if i do pick up anything noteworthy before making promises.

      basically, sales shopping more or less have to be done ‘live’ in actual shops. i tried buying some stuff in the bargain bin of an online discount store today but gave up, because the real bargains can also turn out to be weirdly cut or something – gotta try em on. so that means being well enough for the trek to the shops…

      ::girds loins::

  2. Perhaps in not having a car, you *are* a leader in motoring thought. Following you, we will all abandon our cars and buy bikes or catch buses or walk (or whatever).

    I am not convinced that maxi dresses are for me. I am short and, ahem, sturdy, and I imagine I would look like a big pillow if I wore a maxi dress.

    1. well, perhaps, though if this is so, then i am leading by osmosis, since i rarely ever mention transport, i don’t think – i go fewer journeys than ever now that i have moved, and it’s been a while since i have traveled for pleasure. it’s possible that i may have mentioned flying cars.

      i agree. short and maxi doesn’t work, so you are relieved of the duty to snap up the cheap long dresses unless you want to repurpose the fabric for crafts. as well as black dresses there were patterned ones. i’d have to be kind of careful of them unless i actively wanted to make a strong visual statement, since although i am not portly i am ample and tall. this was a look that suited only feisty black ladies and waifs. and even then, not really the waifs, they were pushing it.

        1. the black maxi seemed to be pretty uniform – t shirt material, halter necked. i think with my timberland boots this will be ideal for summer gardening and dog walking. but i won’t carry a violin case, i knowi’m not in an orchestra.

    1. you’re here now, that’s the main thing!

      you’d never think changing blogs would be so tricksy, but you’re not the only one who’s had problems. at least i feel pretty confident about sticking here, unlike when i had my foray into blogging about mindfulness on blogspot. both the content and the platform were problematic.

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