2012 will be the year of the back

gripping, i know, but bear with.

due to being a pasty faced crip who spends all day on a chaise longue trying to win at twitter, i have rather wasted away over the past coupla years.  now, because of chronic migraine, i take pain killers every day, and recently a doc decided to give me even more pain killers to take all day long. gentle reader, i rattled.

on a whim, i decided to give up the entire hoopla of preventative painkillers, and like a crazyperson, went cold turkey and decided that i would take pain killers when i got pain LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE DO. so now, at about three or four in the morning i get up and take drugs.

Christina Bothwell.

what i have noticed is that i get a lot of pain from carrying even really light things, like a bag of dog poo for five minutes. (that’s good in imperial as well as metric, right?) and i know that in the past the best thing for that is to have some muscle around to take the strain.

now, since i moved to the tottenham riviera, i have made myself not so handy for facilities in general, but if i can get to and from the swimming pool here, i could start doing lengths, and i know that this is going to be the best way to support my wretched back. and all this is made more likely by the helpfully arranged poolside steam and sauna stuff. so i am guessing i can pace my exercise (including the walk there) with a bit of well timed loafing.

this is less by the way of a new year’s resolution, and more like a serious attempt to get on top of what has become unmanageable. i mean, not taking painkillers prophylactically and also having halved my sleep medications means i get up in the night and move around, which is arguably good, and the pain in my back is driving me to my yoga mat which is also good. i mean, nobody does yoga if they don’t have to.

my real new year’s resolution is for @tenyen to go on a massage course. i’m not stupid, i don’t make resolutions for myself. that’s just asking for disappointment.

i had hoped to get my neighbour, @StephenChristos , roped in for the ride to the pool and for the company, but needs must when the devil drives, and it is more important for me to get on with this stuff than to hang around waiting to see who’s in. if i accrue chums along the way, all well and good, but i am perfectly capable of going swimming on my own. I AM.

so while i am not making new year’s resolutions for myself what else am i planning for next year? well, i want to get to know my camera better. i was a fool to myself when i got it, because i prioritized pocketability over lens. i am living to regret this. it’s like i had this big epiphany about how important lenses are and now i hate my camera. but that’s okay, when you are not in love with your camera you hate it, and so that’s alright. i am just doing the hating the camera, that’s all.

damn thing is complicated though. and i know if i actually learned how to use it i’d get more out of it. i am swithering about getting a blipfoto account, like @lahikmajoe but i can’t decide whether the ‘photo a day’ thing would be helpful or just one of those things which you give up sometime around mid february.

like all those people who start the year with a gym membership who i am already trying hard not to look like, thankyou.


13 thoughts on “2012 will be the year of the back

  1. I’ve been suffering from a combination of migraine and tension headaches for many years (you know the ones that hurt so much you want to throw up).

    But since last year I’ve started walking to work, they have greatly reduced both in frequency and magnitude. So, for me at least, a couple of brisk 40 minute walks each day seem to keep my back and neck muscles trimmed enough to stop most of my headaches.

    Swimming sounds like a solid plan as it exercises almost all muscle groups at once.

    1. actually, i’m with you on the walking thing. until i got the dog i often spent days on end without leaving the house at all, and actually that kind of bed rest caused more pain than it helped. as well as being a lovely companion, poppet provides motivation for walking that is not possible to ignore, and after two years i am still impressed at how that first walk eases off so much pain.

      before i became so utterly criptastic i was actually a bit of a secret exerciser, which you’d never believe if you knew me as a kid, bunking off gym every week with a “period”. (why they didn’t haul me in front of the school nurse i will never know.)

      having tried a lot of different kinds of exercise in the past i know what i respond well to, what trips off a migraine too fast to consider, what is realistic given my limited energy. swimming won’t put muscle on as fast as weight training, but it is very sustainable, i will be motivated enough to go on my own, and i will improve at it, which will give me motivation.

      i look forward to being able to carry my dog’s poo without pain!

      1. I’m always the shy non-drunk girl at the party. I can relate. Or, even better, I’m the shy, non-drunk girl who doesn’t attend the party because the very idea of parties gives her twitching hives, so she stays home and…well…plays with Twitter. Hee. Although lately I have been winning at wine. Yum. Wine. Now I want some.

        1. i like the twitter. i feel like i am getting the hang of it. and i have more staying power than i might do at an ACTUAL party.

          i was invited to one tonight, but i was in bed before it even kicked off.

  2. hey, you are trying to all over all be healthier for you, which is a great thing. Its that we all start that journey out at a different level.

    and winning at twitter is important, too.

    1. zactly.

      i don’t know what i can do by comparison to ‘old me’ but then, i don’t do much that i can compare to old me.

      i am still fairly pants at twitter, but i am enjoying it.

  3. I know I have said this before, but I found my photo a day project to be surprisingly good value, even though I did have a few wobbles in enthusiasm. I think because I gave myself permission to be my usual boring self, so I didn’t feel any pressure to go out and find something interesting. So if the best thing I did all day was look at a pretty flower, that was my photo. And there’s no shame if you do get to February and decide it’s not for you.

    Do you really need another journal for it, though? I think the pressure of keeping a different journal would have been a hindrance to me. Hence the weekly round-up, which was easier for me than a daily post, and people could skip that entry completely if it wasn’t their cup of tea.

    1. good idea on the weekly roundup. also on the ‘permission to be boring’. i already plan to take pictures around the house – my cup of tea, and so on. which is good, because i am already good at that sort of photo, and my camera can do a decent job on auto.

      what sold me on this camera is something which i now see as a total hindrance to me understanding it – it has two programmable rings which you can nominate as focus or f stop or whatever, and that seems like a good idea until you forget what is what or what you thought would be good for what. plus, for some reason when you go out of auto mode the bit in the middle of the lens for focus is really unintelligible. clearly i am going to have to get on top of this if i am going to get any use at all out of the manual functions on my camera. what i would really like to do is ‘aperture priority pictures’ that would probably give me at least six months worth of fun.

      also, i want to do some night photography, which will actually be easier to get on top of, i think, but i need ten to bring his tripod over.

  4. I’m sure you’re just being a bit outrageous by calling yourself a cripple, but I still don’t like it. Don’t know your entire situation, so I should hold my tongue.

    What I do like is that your personality comes out loud and clear online. Am glad we *know* some of the same bloggers and that you’re talking about things I care about.

    The thing that’s been difficult for me about blipfoto is that I have some days where I take several photos I like, and I have to choose one. Then there are some days, which are more often than I’d like to admit, where I post the least bad option.


    1. it’s a tough call. i mean, a lot of my life is defined by my illness – i no longer have a career or IRL social life – but not really my online life. i don’t want to whine, but i also don’t want to hide it. and i don’t want to be overly PC about it and i don’t want to be ALL about it… i certainly don’t want my blog to be all about it. based on past blogging, though, i tend not to focus on it. without going on about it, it’s there in the background, though. i have really no interest in being ‘a disabled blogger’ as such. i am more interested in interesting and funny people and interesting and funny things.

      the one exception i make, is a bit like you using google+ as a tea hangout, g+ was just hanging around doing nothing for me until someone invited me into a circle they had called “chronically awesome” and it works a bit like a support network, without being blog based as such. it’s the only online group for fibro/pain/other disability that i haven’t left two minutes after joining. i think it’s partly the format and partly that it has a fair amount of bloggers in it.

      i am glad you are enjoying what i have written so far. i am enjoying writing ‘as if’ for strangers (my lj writing was much more pen-pals than this) while feeling very supported by our little gang, who i think i initially interloped my way into via starting to follow the bloggess on twitter, then reading people who talked to her who were funny. not very many degrees of separation later… HERE WE ARE! and i feel very lucky.

      todayiamadaisy has been doing photos all year this year, and she has just done a weekly roundup. i have done a ‘week in the life’ with several photos every day for a week, but that is kind of stressful. i think i can manage one a day… just expect to see a lot of the same stuff, as i am not often out and about. i did about a year of posting regularly to citynoise, but, then, i was living in an interesting and ever changing neighbourhood. this one is more mono, if beautiful, and i tend to do the same stuff every day, so i will have to make of that what i will. /QUICK! END RAMBLE BEFORE I TALK FOREVER

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