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i mean, really. awwwwwwwww.…. no? well, *i* think so, but then poppet is my furry baby, not yours, so if you don’t get it, not to worry, the whole post isn’t about her. she’s been on her holidays to my friend ian’s for a few days and he took this photo with his iphone because he is a hipsta, YO. well. he might not like being called a hipsta, even though i spelled it the iphone way and not the regular way, but nevertheless he took her to camden and she went in a car and i think she went on a train as well, and i think she at least went inside a pub, which was one of her ambitions. she also had massive walks and she came home less huffy with me than just plain pooped.

poppet at ian’s. taken with his iphone.

now. during my long derailment with cystitis from hell i could do literally nothing except lying down and things involving laptop. this means that i am now winning at twitter as witnessed by the fact that i have finally customized my page @elaine4queen with a nice bit of tiling involving no grout, and my favourite biscuit. and i changed the colours for the rest of it as well because i was on a ROLL.

so, anyway, another thing is that i got very excited this morning reading this post i mean, look at THIS!

you can play moon or space oddesey or, if you like, alien. or you can pretend you are japanese and you are in a love hotel – you could actually do that last one very easily since you don’t even need to book a whole night, just units of four hours at a time.

heathrow is a good couple of hours away from here no matter how you cut it. i might not bother with it on the outward leg, but somehow coming back from anywhere is draining. and it also depends what time you get in. like, when i went to spain a couple of years ago it was all adventurey and nice on the way out, even though it was a long trip, and it was all daytime. but on the way back we had turbulence, it seemed to take longer, and we arrived back in london in time for drunk people to be on the tube at night. i mean, i don’t even do night. and i do still want to go to america again, and that is really killer on the return flight.

so, because this is a site for criptastic* travelers, she also mentions a site for autistic travelers which looks pretty good. and, you know autistic spectrum people are kind of picky, so if you’re not autistic but you are a picky bastard, then i think you’re still allowed to read.

what else? well, i have been mostly eating alkaline forming foods in my efforts to minimize the heinous attack of cystitis that i have had for the past couple of weeks. and ten says i am not allowed ANY chips until i am completely better. hence the dog going on holiday – i couldn’t exactly put a lead on her and take her to the toilet and call it a walk. anyway, i’ve been the doctor’s and it was my first time with someone at that practice, and i was quite heartened by his general efficiency and also by the fact that he was unfazed by me asking for a thrush treatment to follow on from the antibiotics. i think after a fortnight of cystitis we can leave out the bit where i get thrush next. thanks.

*don’t repeat this word in front of people unless you are prepared to trail blaze – some people like it when i’ve said it, but i don’t know if it’s “allowed”. i’m not sure if i made it up or not, but whatever. you don’t want to be all reviled like ricky gervais. use your skill and judgement.


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