big art

look at how big this is! i love it. i never go to galleries any more, but if i did, and i saw this, i would be really, really pleased. granted, you’d have to have a big wall to hang it on, but that’s what public galleries are for – not to be sitting rooms.

Sean Cordeiro, ‘Not under my roof’, 2008, Found flooring from farm house (wood, linoleum, carpet).

the way that the floors fit together to form a kind of quilt pleases me, finishing up as a nearly complete rectangle. another thing i like is the edging round each floor. i think it would have been too flat without. the edging also makes me think of mondrian, though, of course, the colours don’t. the colours are more rauschenberg. as is the finish. and i haven’t looked at his other work yet, but i feel that it might have been tempting to add some sort of screen printing or other imagery. well, let’s just say *i* might have been tempted to do that. perhaps sean corderio never fancies adding other layers, that remains to be seen. but i am glad that he didn’t.

okay, now i am going to click through and look at some of his other stuff. okay. my opinion is that he might easily have added a figurative element.

like a dinosaur, maybe. that would have ruined it, for me. though i do like this one.


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