tales from the towpath

so, as well as having an issue with dog wrangling v taking photos, i have also got to recognize the limitations of my camera. to wit – really, no point ever using zoom. it’s a pocket camera, the zoom was never going to be good. get over it.

for some time now, carrying a bag has become too painy to do, but even before that was the case, i always did notice that if it’s not honestly pocketable, a camera will not be a priority. my most camera active time was when i got my first digital pocket camera. decades of slr lugging and fear of wasting film gone in an instant. i’ve never been into blind process things – like ceramics and welding and wet photography. and cakes. i like things that work more or less straight away, that you can see. like drawing and painting and digital.

this pic is of the underside of a train bridge reflected in water – the only way to see the structure, properly, since it is really low over head. pops and i walk under it every morning, usually before it is light, and the noise of a train, if you are right underneath is pretty considerable. hence, in fact, there is still a lowered bit of canalside for frightened horses who have fallen in from fright to be able to get out again, from back in the day.

when i first got here i really noticed the noise of the trains. i am sleeping with the windows shut now that it’s cold, but i don’t have double glazing, and i really don’t hear it any more. it would seem that even right underneath this bridge, swans can filter out the noise and continue sleeping. impressive.

i did try to take a picture of the heron in a tree, but the zoom is so very pants that i am not even going to show you the result. shame. but the thing about any technology is that limitations are just a way of working out what you can do.

why yes, i am that profound.


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