this is me fae yesterday…

no, really, it is. hazel took it in my garden. she wanted to get a photo of my hair, which is really out of cut, but i don’t have any big plans for doing anything about it.

what a big day we had. poppet’s internal clock got me up at the new 6am for first outings, then mid morning we went to meet ian at springfield park which is a bit further down. just by there is where the oxbridge style rowing club is, so they’re getting their boats in and out the water, and that is all very interesting for a doggy such as mine. likes to get under people’s feet, if she can. we were a bit early so i thought we could walk towards ian’s and tried to take her over the bridge. now, poppet is really not afraid of anything. horses, fireworks whatever you can throw at her, but half way across the bridge she suddenly went all splayed out. she looked really funny. it would seem that she had suddenly realised the water was underneath her. i remember that, going on piers as a kid at the seaside. seeing the sea underneath me.

so we retreated back to the park and waited for ian. i sat on a bench and deleted a remarkable number of ‘contacts’ on my mobile phone, which all appeared to be people i didn’t know at all. that, and local things for bethnal green. we had a walk and a coffee, and me and poppet headed home. i’d only really got in when hazel phoned to say that she and che were on the way, so poppet, quite confused, agreed to go out again and we went to meet them.

i am tempted to post a picture of che with poppet on the sofa – she looks like she is playing her like an accordian – but, you know, internet etiquette, and all that.

here we are, the wonder of editing – ten suggested i crop the pic, so here’s the cropped version (poppet doesn’t get a say what photos of her go on the internet).

originally the idea was to have walkies, but the weather was ming, and actually it seemed they had done very well just getting here, and neither me nor poppet needed more walking, so we settled down with many cups of tea and chatting.

nb unless you are from scotland there is no reason for you to *get* “this is me fae yesterday”, indeed, it was actually just something my mum overheard in a shop once. what it means is ‘this is me from yesterday’, the implication being that ‘i have not stopped, and you see me in what has now become a long running tizz’. just in case you were wondering.

this morning poppet let me sleep in until the new 7am. i think she was a bit puggled from yesterday, springfield is twice the walk the local park is, and we took the balls. she dropped one in the canal on the way back, though, which is a bugger, since they are not that readily available. i had stocked up before the move, but one has gone awol, one got lost in leaves, and now this one is in the drink. she needs two or there is no playing, just her running around with a ball wedged in her maw.


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