what i know and what i do not know

so i’ve made a little tumblr post of pictures and words for your perusal – here elaine4queen.tumblr.com/day/2011/10/29. my ‘liked’ collection was getting a little unwieldy. there’s a sort of a theme, or two maybe, i’ll let you see for yourself. i am mainly having a duvet day here on the tottenham rivera. it’s been a hell of a week with the migros and i decided today was the day to stop medicating, so i feel quite shitty, but there’s nothing to be done. except become a member of the undead, perhaps.

Vampire by Edvard Munch, 1893

as far as i can usefully work out, vampires and zombies and the like suffer from their condition, but not from other conditions, so it would be an economy. mind you i am basing my opinion on zero research.

another thing i have done zero research on is hasidic jews. however, i do at least know that although they wear old timey clothes they are not amish, so i’m not to berate them for using mobile phones etc. which, obvs, i wouldn’t anyway, but still it seems odd when people who deliberately dress old timey do modern things. there’s a big enclave of the hasidics just across the park from where i take poppet. they seem to like the dog no more than the muslims back in bethnal green, but at least they tend not to scream so much. the screaming was annoying, though not everyone did it. just enough to get on the nerves. other park users include some foreign speaking ladies who do that fast walking thing and sometimes jog. they say good morning to me every day but i can’t earwig their conversations because they talk to each other in… maybe polish? but i can’t get ten to confirm since the chances of him getting up at 7 to come first dog walk are approximately not on your nellie. mind you, having said that, he did first outing the other day, but it was instead of me, to do me a favour because i was so sickly, not as a jolly outing. and he won’t have taken her all the way to the park. just round the block, where she likes to put her head in every gateway to see if there’s a cat. she has become cat obsessed.

this morning there was a fox in the park, and she chased him til he went through railings. then she ran around like a total maniac for ages. i think foxes must just be that exciting.

i was looking for the nearest free vet to here, and discovered that it is harmsworth, where rolf harris did his vet show from, animal hospital.

it’s not that physically near, but it’s only two stops on the tube. and even if poppet was really ill or wounded she would still be excited about going on the train. so now i think i will cancel my pet insurance and go free (and donate a bit) which i am entitled to do. £20 a month is nothing if you are waged, but actually is a massive chunk of change when you live on less than a ton a week. plus, vaccination time is coming up, and that was never included anyway, and i seem to remember it being a fair amount. so we will get to do a trial run, find the place, and whatnot. they don’t do appointments is the only thing, but i don’t intend to be there more than once a year for shots, and ideally hardly ever for problems… and of course, once i had found the site i started looking at kittens… poppet would like a kitten. no, really she would.


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