rainy day on the tottenham riveira

living here is a bit like being on holiday, a rainy day means wrapping up for dog walks and then coming in and having hot drinks, being cozy and playing cards in the caravan blogging about it.


thank god olly left the flat in good decorative order, because it’s hard enough just doing basic daily stuff. not that it’s in any way horrible here, because it seriously isn’t. poppet is happy as larry, and is enjoying it here immensely. by extension, so am i. our daily routines are lovely straight away. we are right on the towpath, there are several swans that live just here as well as the (effing) heron, and multiple canada geese and various ducks and an apparently residential flock of seagulls. and it’s not far to a rather nice park, and most people say hello, it’s like living in a village.

normally i go to bed at good children o’clock, but it’s boring for ten to arrive to find me either asleep or grumpily unwillingly awake, so i started off with some telly, then listened to some more ken mcleod, then a bit of audio book. i had left lights on for him. i am rather migraining, so didn’t really want light myself, and when i stopped being able to follow the story i turned it off and just listened to the ducks outside. i don’t know how long i did that for, it might have been an hour, but i was awake to greet the weary traveler. lying in the dark listening to wildlife is really rather bloody pleasant, as it happens. honestly, these creatures NEVER sleep. no wonder they are so bad tempered.

the sky is grey, seagulls swooping about, dog napping next to me. i really can’t complain. tentatively, i might even say ‘life is good’.


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