So that was nice!


After writing my previous post I tweeted the link to Sh! and they asked for a version for their site. So that was nice. The enbiggened version is here.

What else? Well, today me and Al finally got around to tidying up our Training With Awareness enough to allow it out into the world. It’s not perfect, but it is live now, so any feedback is welcome. We are going to put our mugs up there somewhere soon, maybe friday. There is plenty to add, but the main thing was to have capital letters at the beginning of sentences and so on, so that’s done and done.

We are planning to do some voluntary gigs to get ourselves warmed up, so if you are in London or the South East and you represent some worthy group or other then we’d be pleased to hear from you. Voluntary work will be Wednesdays or Fridays. Thanks to everybody who has ‘liked’ our facebook page – it’s good to hit the ground running with the widget on the site showing some love.


I’ve been insanely ill lately, thanks in no small part to effing up my medications and then seeing a different doctor and changing too many things at once – something my real doctor advised against… anyway, luckily I have enough in hand just to go back to the original dose, and last night I had the first decent night’s sleep in ages, and woke up at just before 6am raring to drink tea and faff around on the internet.


My new hobby is passive aggression.

s  big pile a’crap, yo

See? This is me making a PILE of recycling for Ten to deal with. Actually, he noted my protest and proceeded to do other stuff instead, so it’s all in a bin bag in the garden now. If I was spending any time in the garden just now then it’d be away in the recycling by now, but Ten likes to clean and micro sort recycling whereas I don’t bother.

I am in a bit of a quandary about the garden just now because of the imminent MEN and SCAFFOLDING. Is there much point in doing stuff if they are going to mess it up? I don’t exactly know, but we will have to move the bench and probably the plants which are in my designated nursery space for the scaffolding, and I suppose I will think about those issues then. Meantime the MEN have not arrived yet, and it is getting pretty cold out there, so random Ten hobbies are tolerated.


On Not-Christmas, TWA, and A New Alice


Good morning, campers!

Kiki Lamers

This is what I have been like lately.

When I had the botox treatment in the early summer i was so well immediately and for ages. However, it is not now summer, and there are are a lot of TRIGGERS firing at me all over the place. However, I have rejigged the festive/stresstive season for myself, which means it doesn’t really matter if I am unwell/not up to whatever.

I don’t have children and I am not a christian. There is no need to engage in ANY of the things. And a visit to LA several years ago introduced me to Jews go to the Cinema Day which involves movies and Chinese food. We gave it a whirl last year, and it was GOOD.

I still buy presents for three people, but cards have gone the way of all things. I have a packet of cards for emergencies which have lasted me probably about five years.

I have spent xmas day in the London Buddhist Centre, and I can recommend that.

My disengagement with the world of xmas started with my hatred of traveling at this time of year. Between the weather, the crush, and the drunks I say why travel when you don’t have to – after all, the origins of xmas is all about hoarding food, having a feast at the nadir of the year IN YOUR CAVE not traveling to some other person’s cave bloody miles away in the snow.

Then I got ill. The initial phase of my elongated illness came just before xmas. I may have done cards that year, i don’t remember, but my presents were restricted to and based on who came to visit me. I had a haul of soft toys, and I took them apart and made frankenstein toys that I called hideoms.

here’s a couple i had left. i did a little photoshoot with them

I wrapped them up and people chose which parcel they wanted.

I always think I am much better than I was then, but I’m not sure I’d have the get up and go to make stuff or do the photoshoot now, but maybe I do more on a daily basis – I do walk my dog most of the time, after all. I probably have fewer push/crash cycles. Probably.


TWA was merged on in 2001. i wonder if they’d mind if we used their logos?

The Training With Awareness facebook page is coming along. The website is dragging it’s feet. Needs a LOT more work before it’s fit to make public. But we will be getting it into some sort of shape very early in the year because, in academia anyway, managers will be starting to think “Shit! What can I do about staff development this year?” so we will want to be getting a mail out written. I have made the mistake of writing too much in an introductory email before, so this is why we are making a website in advance, so we don’t do too much bombarding with information. The fb page is pretty easy to do. Partly, I am totally ganking stuff from Breathworks’ Page but there’s a ton of stuff about mindfulness out there, so I am rather spoilt for choice.


And finally… Yayoi Kusama has made an Alice in Wonderland book. I think it looks yummy.

Pantone Emerald, Reyjkavik’s Mayor, a Dose of Botox, and M’new Venture…


News just in from my tumblr feed…

The pantone colour of the year 2013 is going to be this;

what can i say? i hate it.

There have been some nice colours over the past few years. Turquoise was fabulous, I always like an orange, but greens, well, for me, greens are problematic. I like ‘natural’ greens of all hues, but there are some greens that just make me feel ill.

NEWS JUST IN! Ten thinks this is a good colour for 2013! He won’t tell me WHY though, because he says I’ll just blog it. (well, YES!)

Sometimes colours of the year get ignored, and sometimes they become very popular. There was a whole turqoise interiors blog that year, but I’ve not seen any evidence of this year’s dark orange being be-themed. If you are in my camp and find greens tricky, but you end up with STUFF that colour, then may I advise a bright light orange accessory or two to even things up?

You’re very welcome. I know. I am WISE.

Something you may not have heard of is that not only have Iceland solved their banking problem by telling the banks to fuck off, but also Reykjavik now has a COMEDIAN for mayor!

So sensible. I suggested we move there, but Ten says it’s too cold. This is their campaign song, for their party “Best”.

In which they make many promises, like ‘free towels in swimming pools’ which they plan not to keep. Just like a real party.


So, yesterday I went to get a FREE go round of botox. I’d been a bit super ill in the run up because I’ve been ramping up one of my medications, and every time I do that it makes me have a period which gives me hormonal migraines which are the worst, and that’s been the past week or 10 days or so.

giles again. putting a pin in it.

I was offered the free gig originally in return for speaking to some doctors, but in the event I didn’t have to, and I just had to ‘be the patient’ for Giles while he demonstrated where the injections go. It was somewhat more painful because he did it a lot more slowly because of the telling, but still, it was basically me being handed £600 effectively, so I can’t complain. I didn’t feel as well and as elated as I did last time round, because I am still reeling from upping the meds, but I do look forward to a less-worse winter on the back of it. I noticed he didn’t have the picture of his hens as a background on his desktop. A small concession to the visiting docs? I don’t know. He wasn’t any less Giles-y.

So, yeah, hence I haven’t been blogging lately. I have, however, been doing a little donkey work for my new VENTURE with my friend Al. We are putting together some courses for professional development – MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and mindfulness skills for the workplace, particularly teaching and learning, since that’s our background, but if we can get any gigs in hospitals or the like training for compassion fatigue then that’d be awesomesauce. The site isn’t public yet, since it’s still very much under construction, but I am already posting quite a bit on our facebook page Training With Awareness. Come on over and LIKE it, so I get to see what happens when a page gets 30 likes. Something magical, I expect.