Emin’s Tube, Gertrude Stein, and A Dead Fox


Laptop borked, I am writing this on the netbook, and JUST to bring you this picture…

london tube map with tracy emin drawing on the front

I downloaded all 1299 photos off my camera.

It’s not a new thing, but I quite like it, because it looks like she just drew it on the front in biro, but really it’s printed on. If anyone would like one let me know your land addy and I will DO MY BEST to stick it in the post to you. My own borkdom notwithstanding.

It’s horrible without the proper laptop, but I have soldiered on, finishing up the second series of The Hour with rather juddery streaming and a cheap tinny speaker attached. I think there may have always been something wrong with this netbook, because the speakers are awful. Far too quiet. Considering the speaker I attached cost me no more than a tenner, you’d think Toshiba could manage that quality at least.

Still, it could all be worse. Mustn’t Grumble.


My life without my usual AV set up has taken a turn. I listen to radio shows on my laptop a lot, and go to sleep to various plays and stories from Radio 4. This not being an option I decided to see what was available on podcast, and now have a shed load of Great Lives loaded up on my smartphone. The best one so far was Gertrude Stein. She turns out to be a lot more interesting than I thought she was from the tiny amount I knew about her which was that she was rich and an art collector and had been painted by Picasso.

gertrude stein by picasso

I’m not going to bang on about her, but I did very much like the way she was quoted saying;

“We spend all of our wars in France.”

Lovely. Reminds me of the David Sedaris “…my home, well, one of my homes” (from The Ship Shape)


I feel bad that I didn’t take a picture of this for you, but Poppet has had a bit of a DAY obsessing over a dead fox. It seems that early in the day a council worker found the dead fox on the tow path and put it in a bin bag on a corner on the estate. It’s been seriously pissing down all day here,  so no cats will have taken an interest. Or even crows. So the fox had been bagged up and Poppet had had a couple of sniffs… I took her out when I got back from my appointment in the afternoon, since I was already wet. A neighbour was walking his dog and he was telling me about the fox, and Poppet was sniffing at the bag. On the towpath I let her off the lead. She belted up to the gate which is a bit weak, barged through and sprinted off to open up the fox package. When I caught up with her she’d opened the bag up a bit and I could see a bit of scruff. I put her on the lead and took her home. A couple of hours later she was nagging me to go out. The moment we left the house she dragged me all the way to the fox.

It had clearly been on her mind.

dog day holiday


quite naturally, i failed to either bring my camera charger or simply charge the battery, so this post is brought to you by the letters FFS and the number LOW RES camphone. or it could be more about the weird picasa configuration on this netbook. I DON’T KNOW!

good morrow

poppet is having the BEST time. we are visiting with another staffie, the tiny diva.

here, diva, aged 105 in human years, accepts small pinches of chappie hand fed to her. she is so old and picky it’s hard to get her to eat anything, and she is well disposed towards being fed by hand.
the two dogs have become lovely friends. i hope to get some sort of snap of them being sweet together, but it’s a bit of a lottery.



here’s hazel and pops AT THE PUB!!!! yes, this truly is poppet’s dream holiday.

(and i am enjoying it, too)

when we first got here we took her into the garden, but now it’s pretty much out of bounds, since there are two guinea pigs which she spent a solid day obsessing about.

last night the usually reticent diva decided to show us THE BEACH. poppet was transFIXED. she stared at the sea through the railings like some sort of dog beggar girl glimpsing a fabulous banquet.

this avo we walked up to the racecourse, which she enjoyed, and I, gentle reader, HAVE HAD NO MIGRAINES! (and i have even had glasses of wine!)

two more whole days to go. and a bit. ten is in the kitchen kicking up a storm, while we watch the opening of the olympics.

che took this little gem