Forbrydelsen IV


En død ræv findes på towpath. Et menneske har flyttet liget til et hjørne på Ferry Lane Estate. Sahra Lund, spillet af Poppet, drives til at opdage mere om forbrydelsen. Ignorerer hendes familie, hun vender tilbage igen og igen til den sække op liget, søger under biler til katte undervejs. Tilbage på towpath, er duften stærk. Hun ved at der er en sammensværgelse under opsejling, men hun kan ikke sætte brikkerne sammen …

Yesterday I posted this on facebook;

Forbrydelsen IV

A dead fox is found on the towpath. A human has moved the corpse to a corner on Ferry Lane Estate. Sahra Lund, played by Poppet, is DRIVEN to discover more about the crime. Ignoring her family, she returns again and again to the bagged up corpse, looking under cars for cats along the way. Back on the towpath, the scent is strong. She knows there is a conspiracy afoot, but she can’t put the pieces together…

In the thread Liliana of People’s Republic of Southwark posted the Danish translation. I was so excited! I rushed to google translate to hear it read aloud which is THRILLINGTON! Although, it may be noted that the robot voice does not mumble enough for it to be good Danish.

I think we can all agree that the termination of The Killing IS GOING TO RUIN OUR LIVES. Mind you, it’s true that things have got a little bit formulaic and it would be terrible to see Sarah & co jump the shark.

Were Poppet to take on the role of Sarah Lund I’d like her to have this coat play the part of the jumper.  Sadly, as usual, I have expensive taste, and Poppet won’t be getting her outfit any time soon.


Meanwhile I am rather jonesing for Engrenages/Spiral to start another series. I was sure we were PROMISED a new series, but I want it so much that it’s possible I just wished it were true. However, I have either heard or dreamed that Borgen will be back on soon. (Which is basically The Killing but without murder/Sarah/the jumper.)

I hate the lull in telly over xmas. It leaves me all existential.


Also yesterday, I found this quote on my tumblr, which seems to fit with the Sarah Lund headspace;

“She touched the edge of its voluptuous field, knowing it would be lovely beyond dreams simply to submit to it; that not gravity’s pull, laws of ballistics, feral ravening, promised more delight. She tested it, shivering: I am meant to remember. Each clue that comes is supposed to have its own clarity, its fine chances for permanence. But then she wondered if the gemlike “clues” were only some kind of compensation. To make up for her having lost the direct, epileptic Word, the cry that might abolish the night.”

— Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49

Goodbye Sarah. We will miss you. And your jumpers.

watching the detectives


much was made of sara lund’s trademark fair isles sweater wearing in forbrydelsen/the killing. the outfit and the outcry was reproduced almost to the letter when the US remake aired. while this kind of sweater is traditional garb in scandie countries, i can’t speak for seattle, where the US version was set. however, one article berating her style also wondered if it always rained in seattle. it may interest you to know that wool is rather shower proof, especially that untreated scratchy stuff. as worn by sailors.

of course, tv detectives, like their genre fiction counterparts, need a series of short hand cues to sketch out their characters. the private lives of our protagonists mustn’t interfere with the pacy business of the telling of the crime based yarn. and speaking of yarn, a serviceable but prickly jumper might stand for rather a good external sign of the internal character without taking up too much story time setting out sara’s personality.

back in the day, columbo’s crumpled raincoat spoke volumes about his busy crime fighting life. his lack of interest in his appearance underscored his obsession with solving the crime. his private life was reduced to occasional references to a mrs columbo who we never see. moreover, his references to her were always plot driven.

starsky and hutch were a little more glamorous than columbo, with their fancy car, but, naturally, their outfits, starsky’s big jumper and hutch’s brown leather lacket, didn’t vary much. they had a particularly dapper snitch, huggy bear, who was like a one-man blaxpolitation movie as he boogied on down to let our men know the word on the street.

back to the present day, and the UK is voracious in it’s consumption of crime and detection, and for once, i am right on board with the popular mindset.

after wallander broke in the UK, with it’s UK versions quickly being eclipsed by the swedish originals, it became evident that UK viewers really didn’t mind subtitles with their drama if it was good enough. and we have been treated not only to the killing, but also, more recently, to the bridge. the bridge features another female lead detective, saga norén, who not only has a good solid image and a careless relationship with clothes, but also, reader, she has ASPERGERS. this makes for a really interesting set of sub plots. saga wears drippy beige tops which she often changes at work with a cursory squirt of deodorant to the arm pits as she works through the night. on top of this she wears a leather gilet with leather trousers (think biker rather than avengers) and she tops these with a double breasted brown coat which she shrugs on as she strides out, with her mind firmly on the case.

i am not sure where everyone else is with engrenages (called spiral in the UK) but i have just been gobbling up box set after box set recently, and it seems that series four is imminent. i bloody hope it is, because i am soooo hooked. engrenages is french, which obvs is not scandie, but again, we watch it with subs. (it is not usual in the UK to dub foreign stuff.) although i can enjoy seeing where english and scandenavian languages overlap i can’t kid myself that i actually understand what i am hearing with any semblance of flow. although i ignored school to the best of my ability when i was there, staring out of windows, doodling, passing notes, french was considered our ‘second language’ and was taught from early primary school onward. i think i even scraped an ‘o’ level. so it is SUPER EXCITING for me to watch french stuff because i can read and listen and pick up new words. french is an excellent language. a recent addition to my vocab is the french for wheelchair. chaise roulade! wonderful! like a cake or a soft cheese!

anyway, i digress. so – what does laure, who heads up engrenages, wear? well, on a day to day basis she is a scruffy herbert. however, she does do a nice line in layered t shirts. no matter how much fancier she looks than our sara or our saga, though,  it is only by a sliver, and we regularly get to see the contrast between her chronically underslept look and the glossy barrister joséphine karlsson (seen in this clip in day wear, but believe me, she scrubs up pretty damn well).

spiral (engrenages)


et bien, mes petite cadets d’espace! en un edition special de cette blog ici, un review de television programme engrenages – ou, en anglais cogs. mais, naturellement, il y a rien programme q’appelle cogs. non. c’est spiral ici dans la royanne uni.

that redhead? she’s a piece of work.

et maintenant! REGARDEZ!  le voila! les vraiment ENGENAGES!

c’est le premier fois j’ais vu un animation dans wikipedia (ou j’ai ganked it from)


engrenage m (plural engrenages)

  1. gear (a wheel with grooves)
  2. (figuratively) inescapable sequence of events

malheuresement, COGS n’est pas les plus belle titre pour les anglophones. so, SPIRAL it is. less an ‘inescapable sequence of events’ and more of a twirly thing. still. can’t have a programme called COGS, now, can we? just wouldn’t work.

check out the chevrons chef!

i like the scale of this. and the makes me happy. at one point while putting this post together i got waylaid into watching an actual video in french about cogs. and then i explained how cogs worked to ten. in french. not necessarily good french, but french nonetheless, and not franglais.

i don’t want to talk about the actual series, just the title. so no spoilers. and really, when you have so much to say about the title, it’s just crazytalk to start getting into the whole thing. especially with all the franglais i might have to employ. especially since my franglais seems to be rustier than my actual french.

“dommage!” you might say. or you might just say “phew”.