Adventures in Social media; and Nutty Party Productions


When I first fell of the edge of the world with illness it was a long time ago, but it was within the first stirrings of the internet. I’d done a couple of courses for artists, and made some digital art (probably all lost forever, there’s an animation that still exists on video, but not in digital form, so – *waves goobye*) and I’d taught multimedia to adults and teens, so when the crash came one of the things that floated up with me on my life raft was a computer and an internet connection.

I started my social media life just with emails and found a site called Citynoise where I could contribute photographs and a few words. Most of what was then the beginnings of social media was a thing called message boards, which I wasn’t attracted to, being of an Alice in Wonderland turn of mind (Before the rabbit hole, her sister was reading a book with no conversations or pictures, and Alice found it boring) anyway I’d found a community, one which was so small that I could just be called elaine – yep, I’m still there! Buried in the ‘authors’ list.

At some point early on a friend pointed me to Livejournal where I made myself at home, and in fact, I still have friends IRL and on Facebook from that time.

Pretty soon I realised I could create what I was calling to myself a ‘virtual website’. I didn’t want to make an actual website, it wasn’t so easy to do at the time, and I wasn’t well for a major project, but I did know two pieces of html that would allow me to connect my Livejournal, my Citynoise and my Myspace – I could make links and pull pictures from other places. I was all set for my life online.

Over 10 years later, and I find that the world has caught up with me somewhat. It’s becoming more important to have social media presence than to have a website. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if you don’t drive traffic there it’ll just be a Mrs Haversham of a site, sitting there in it’s wedding dress with mice eating the cake.

Nowadays, of course, I blog here and I use Facebook and I have twitter and whatnot. Does Myspace still exist? I think it does, but I think it’s become a niche thing for music.

I talk a lot with Ken who is launching himself as an expert in social media professionally, as we speak, and at one point in our conversations he sent me his page. We’d been talking about landing pages and how I was helping my friend Angie create an integrated social media presence for her party business, and how I’d decided to use WordPress for a landing page because looks so awful on a smartphone – here’s mine so you can see, if you have a smartphone handy; Looks fine on a laptop, so it’s fine if all you want is something to put as an email signature which will point people to your Facebook or twitter or whatever, but when you look on a phone it’s nasty.

So! I liked the look of Ken’s page anyway, and I thought I’d rather have one as a landing page than It’s not a lot of work doing a landing page, and I hooched one up in about half an hour – here it is

If you’re reading this on 3G and you don’t want to click through, here’s a screen shot;

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 08.54.28

I liked it fine just for that one purpose – it looks great and it handles better than, and so I thought, since it was taking a while to make the WordPress landing page I was helping Angie make look nice, that we’d quickly put together one of these for her. But wait! It has a USP! (Unique Selling Point – marketing speak) has an app, and this app works as a sort of e-business card. What you do, when you set one up, is to install the app on your own phone, and when you meet someone you would otherwise give a business card to you type in their phone number or email and it sends them your landing page – with all your blurb and contact details. (By the way, if you ask me to refer you I get featured on their blog, for whatever that is worth, and then if someone else shows interest in having one you can refer them and get featured – again, for what it’s worth, I have no idea if this is valuable since I don’t have a business and I haven’t been featured, but it nevertheless exists.)

As a pleasant extra, you get a choice of graphic signatures, so your emails look a bit fancier than just your name with your website.

Angie’s looks lovely already, but because I sat and taught her how to do it instead of doing it for her, she can go in and tinker with it herself. One of the advantages of having control over your own web presence.

Here it is

On Not-Christmas, TWA, and A New Alice


Good morning, campers!

Kiki Lamers

This is what I have been like lately.

When I had the botox treatment in the early summer i was so well immediately and for ages. However, it is not now summer, and there are are a lot of TRIGGERS firing at me all over the place. However, I have rejigged the festive/stresstive season for myself, which means it doesn’t really matter if I am unwell/not up to whatever.

I don’t have children and I am not a christian. There is no need to engage in ANY of the things. And a visit to LA several years ago introduced me to Jews go to the Cinema Day which involves movies and Chinese food. We gave it a whirl last year, and it was GOOD.

I still buy presents for three people, but cards have gone the way of all things. I have a packet of cards for emergencies which have lasted me probably about five years.

I have spent xmas day in the London Buddhist Centre, and I can recommend that.

My disengagement with the world of xmas started with my hatred of traveling at this time of year. Between the weather, the crush, and the drunks I say why travel when you don’t have to – after all, the origins of xmas is all about hoarding food, having a feast at the nadir of the year IN YOUR CAVE not traveling to some other person’s cave bloody miles away in the snow.

Then I got ill. The initial phase of my elongated illness came just before xmas. I may have done cards that year, i don’t remember, but my presents were restricted to and based on who came to visit me. I had a haul of soft toys, and I took them apart and made frankenstein toys that I called hideoms.

here’s a couple i had left. i did a little photoshoot with them

I wrapped them up and people chose which parcel they wanted.

I always think I am much better than I was then, but I’m not sure I’d have the get up and go to make stuff or do the photoshoot now, but maybe I do more on a daily basis – I do walk my dog most of the time, after all. I probably have fewer push/crash cycles. Probably.


TWA was merged on in 2001. i wonder if they’d mind if we used their logos?

The Training With Awareness facebook page is coming along. The website is dragging it’s feet. Needs a LOT more work before it’s fit to make public. But we will be getting it into some sort of shape very early in the year because, in academia anyway, managers will be starting to think “Shit! What can I do about staff development this year?” so we will want to be getting a mail out written. I have made the mistake of writing too much in an introductory email before, so this is why we are making a website in advance, so we don’t do too much bombarding with information. The fb page is pretty easy to do. Partly, I am totally ganking stuff from Breathworks’ Page but there’s a ton of stuff about mindfulness out there, so I am rather spoilt for choice.


And finally… Yayoi Kusama has made an Alice in Wonderland book. I think it looks yummy.

NaBloPoMo, Where to Live, an Award, and Apples


Right! Day Two in the Gone Mad Trying to Sign Up for NaBloPoMo House

WordPress doesn’t do it’s prompt until it’s the afternoon here in That London, but the NaBloPoMo prompts are all written out in advance. EXCEPT WEEKENDS! when they expect you to fend for yourself! I’m already having a nervous breakdown after having to fill in the longest ever form for Blog Her who are running this shebang. It took me back to when I signed up for livejournal a hundred million years ago. I was quite ill and the internet was quite new, and I’d only been ‘elaine’ on and I was horrified at having to make up a whole new individualized INTERNET NAME! I think I was quite lucky to get the elaine4queen thing right off the bat. I could have been stuck with something much worse.

So, here is day two’s prompt from NaBloPoMo;

Friday, November 2, 2012

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

This is quite an interesting question to me. I chose a long time ago to live in London, and I am quite a fond Londonist. I moved to the East End 20 years ago and watched it change over that time. It was very exciting. It went from being a bit of a dead on it’s feet dump to being the most effervescent hip and happening place. First Spitalfield Market reopened, that slowly grew until money people came in and land grabbed it. Meanwhile the area attracted more and more artists, Hoxton went from being a total black hole with only a popular ‘wrong side of the tracks’ gay bar to being a centre of art, fashion and night life. The surrounding residential areas began to ‘go up’ and without losing the creative vibe.

However… I got ill and became rather housebound. I couldn’t really enjoy what the neighbourhood had to offer, so last year I moved to Tottenham – a flat right on the river Lea. With a garden. Now my life is all about walks with my dog and pottering about. It’s super quiet here – the main noise nuisance is geese and seagulls rather than drunk shouting angry people. But I certainly got the cultural bends moving out here.

a rainy view from my window.

So what about now? I am not the person I was half a lifetime ago when I moved here. Has London lost it’s shine? Well, I certainly don’t *do* London. I don’t see plays or go to exhibitions, but I still feel comfortable here. And you see that grey block between my garden and the trees opposite? That’s the Lea. I could hardly live somewhere more secluded even if I moved to the countryside. I used to travel often, and wherever I went I imagined living in the place. Sometimes I got quite excited. I had this conversation with Ken when he was here. He asked if I really would move elsewhere if money wasn’t an issue, and I really just thought I’d like a bit more space where I am. I know there are fancier neighbourhoods and there are certainly prettier cities and I do like the seaside… but maybe now, whatever happens, I am contented to be where I am. Not to say I couldn’t use some time off. If money really wasn’t an issue then I would spend January-March somewhere else, but I can’t really imagine wanting to move from here.


Lori from dearmsmigraine nominated me for this award;

As is my habit, now, I will warmly accept the award and then pick and choose about what to do about the rules.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules

1.Display the award logo on your blog.
2.Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.State 7 things about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5.Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

So, no matter HOW inspired I may be by 15 bloggers, that sounds like WORK. What I will do is to link to a couple of blogs I am enjoying right now or think you might want to click through to. A COUPLE, I said. Not 15, that’s overkill.

I don’t mind saying 7 things. And it’s not a bad thing to do at the beginning of a time when there are some new readers on the radar YOO HOO!!! NEW READERS!

1. I am 50. It’s been three months and a week or so, and I am getting used to it now. But it feels much more like a big one than 40 did. I could still pass for early 30s in my 40s AND it wasn’t technically too late to have a baby. Which I didn’t do and now it actually is too late. How do I feel about that?

2. I don’t massively mind not having children. I do really like having a dog, though. Much as I loved my cats when I had them, dogs win, they just do. I like other people’s babies though, they smell nice. But then, so does Poppet, though she smells of grass and mud and biscuits, whereas babies smell of something like a light vanilla and parma violet. Turkish delight, maybe?

3. I am a bit worried about my composting situation. I’ve got a home made bin which is now full, and has tiger worms living in it. I believe I will have usable stuff by the springtime from that. Meanwhile I have started a compost heap, which is really not an ideal thing to have in a small garden. I am thinking about buying a proper bin for a second helping. Usually you need three piles, but with the worms things should be a lot quicker. I am still festering about whether to buy a standard bin and adapt it or whether to buy a proper one, which presumably comes at a proper price, too. I stupidly asked the previous occupier to get rid of the bin he had. DAMMIT.

4. I have been internet campaigning for the badgers. Our government wanted to kill them ALL because of bovine TB. They have a stay of execution because of SCIENCE and lobbying, and the issue will be looked at again next year. Poor badgers. They never bother anyone. Badly named, I guessed.

5. I have started painting a bit again lately. I dare say proof of these exploits will be forthcoming on this blog. I’d like to think I will do a few little somethings over the course of a month.

6. My neighbour Stephen gave me some apples.

One went to brown mush almost immediately, so I washed the rest in cider vinegar and water. Should give them a stay of execution til they get eaten.

7. I am in great need of a tea or a coffee. I am going to go to the kitchen to consider my options.

NOW. Seona at pieces of me tends to keep her blog on the down low. But this month she has decided to join in with the posting every day hoo ha, so pop on over and give her some encouragement! I hereby offer her this award!

SECONDLY, my friend Helen has been a painter for a long time, and has started a couple of painting blogs… but now she has ‘come out’ as a passionate knitter! So much so that she has opened a shop. She also cooks, and she is also interesting. Here’s her blog knitonemorerow pretty, isn’t it? An award for her, too.

See? Two is enough. You should always believe me, I am always right. You’re welcome.